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  1. You know, I've read that they published the entire mod API for 1.2. If you then take 1.2 as a stable baseline, there is probably an aftermarket in really well done mods made by the guys who used to work for Squad. I would pay for MechJeb from the original author.
  2. I was just taking off with planes with landing gear yesterday. I had no problems.
  3. Yeah, I feared as much. Stranded the boys on Moho by fumbling and staging their capsule... Time for a rescue mission
  4. Can an Engineer (or another Kerbal) re-couple a deployed decoupler?
  5. I suggest that struts be modified to have more strength in compression than in tension, and that an additional element, the cable, be created which has zero compression strength, but a tension strength higher than the basic strut has today.
  6. Wow, I thought I was doing good to loft a completely full orange tank with nuc rocket attached!
  7. I use it sometimes, and sometimes I know I can fly the machine better myself.
  8. I got two of my somewhat marginal fuel shuttles into orbit last night with 0.21.1 - they have very minimal torque and small RCS thrusters, and the second stage gives less than 1 G (K?) so it's an exciting ride to orbit. So, not too much wrong here from my perspective.
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