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  1. You know, I've read that they published the entire mod API for 1.2. If you then take 1.2 as a stable baseline, there is probably an aftermarket in really well done mods made by the guys who used to work for Squad. I would pay for MechJeb from the original author.
  2. I was just taking off with planes with landing gear yesterday. I had no problems.
  3. Yeah, I feared as much. Stranded the boys on Moho by fumbling and staging their capsule... Time for a rescue mission
  4. Can an Engineer (or another Kerbal) re-couple a deployed decoupler?
  5. I suggest that struts be modified to have more strength in compression than in tension, and that an additional element, the cable, be created which has zero compression strength, but a tension strength higher than the basic strut has today.
  6. Wow, I thought I was doing good to loft a completely full orange tank with nuc rocket attached!
  7. I use it sometimes, and sometimes I know I can fly the machine better myself.
  8. I got two of my somewhat marginal fuel shuttles into orbit last night with 0.21.1 - they have very minimal torque and small RCS thrusters, and the second stage gives less than 1 G (K?) so it's an exciting ride to orbit. So, not too much wrong here from my perspective.
  9. I first read this book, by the late Maxwell W. Hunter II, in 1970. He passed a while back and I wondered if I could still get a copy of his book, and found that a revised edition has been placed online. This is simple enough for the average reader without insulting the intelligence of those who have some technical background. Enjoy, and I'd love to hear what you think of it.
  10. We *got you*! -Ben (Also on the JREF thread.)
  11. Actually, it feeds them. Why don't they need food out there in space? Their bodies are fueled by cosmic radiation!
  12. Problem is that you are using two degrees of freedom to control three degrees of motion. What I would really like is the ability to touch a spot on a part and touch a spot on another part and have them move together until the spots are adjacent. I'll have a look at the deadbeef stuff when I am out from this firewall and can see dropbox.
  13. The ones I have found all seem to point to dead links, or be some sort of spam site to entrap downloaders, and it is frustrating. Thanks! I love this game, but I fear the Kerbals do not love me after I stranded many in various orbits. BTW, has anybody made the connection between Kerbals and Lemmings?