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  1. Does anyone (still) have Freeman's FAR/Spaceplane patches? All the links I've tried are dead. I would also take any alternatives. - Edit: I'm dumber than dumb. Tried middle-clicking the spoiler tags and wondered why I didn't get a download. For reference: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/entries/1770-FAR-NEAR-DRE-etc-Support-for-KSOS-by-helldiver
  2. The updates for the utilities and GF still don't show up on CKAN, but I guess it's just a matter of time before they will. Manual download from your server works.
  3. The FF savegame kraken has finally swallowed all my Kerbal's progress or garbled it. No chance for recovery from a S.A.V.E. backup. Any way to hack the .sfs file to at least get some rough flight and EVA time back (don't care much about any ribbons)? - E: Same bug as sjohnson's, probably.
  4. This has an IVA model now? Sold, sold, sold! And I have the perfect companions for it! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/32456-0-25-Hot-Beverage-Inc-Scalding-Hot-Parts-%2810-10-New-shipment!%29
  5. Note to self: Check own threads more often. As the dangerous furry thing above me posted, the parts should still work in 0.90. I've only tested the fuel cells so far and they worked as well as they always did.
  6. Thanks! (Fortunately, I could burn all of the excess money on ConstructionTime build points. )
  7. I already have SBFM installed. Maybe it's the source for some problems...? In that case, thanks to you both. I've tried it with or without "Use stock SAS". It doesn't make a difference. But Mechjeb doesn't seem to be the culprit as I also get this behaviour whitout MJ being installed at all. What about implementing a single SAS toggle cycle into the Ascent AP whenever the "Engage Autopilot" button is pressed? It wouldn't harm people who do not have this problem, but it would provide an easy fix for those who have. - - - Updated - - - - Edit: It seems to be caused by AFBW 1.4.4! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/95022-0-90-AFBW-v1-4-6-%28Joystick-controller-mod-SAS-bug-fixed!%29?p=1639637&viewfull=1#post1639637 Well, case closed, I guess. Sorry for the stir-up here!
  8. I've disabled every mod that could influence on flight behaviour or auto-flight (including MJ) and still get SAS-like behaviour after starting a flight, but without an illuminated SAS indicator. Pressing "T" once does nothing visually, pressing "T" a second time puts me into default SAS mode. Must be a stock bug after all... Yup. 2.5.6. Your config is much nicer than mine, so it's time for an upgrade, I guess. Thanks for posting it!
  9. I can't seem to make negative payments (i.e. pay back money) in the current version of Government Funding. If I put in, say, "-1" in the "Pay or get paid" box, I receive 1 Credit instead of paying one.
  10. Ah, I think I have the source for the weird SAS behaviour pinpointed: Pilot Assistant. It does enforce its own stablization algorithm by default and subsequently clashes with Mechjeb. Nope, it wasn't Pilot Assistant. This is still happening. Does MechJeb clash with 0.90's pilot experience stuff? I'm also not using the cumbersome AR202, but a MM config file that adds MJ to any "command" type part. My test vessel from the sceenshots also "only" uses a probe core. The MM config file looks like this and has been working perfectly until...well, I don't know...the 0.90 upgrade?
  11. MiniAVC - provided it still works as it's supposed to - does not complain about the installed RPM version. They're included in the download from https://github.com/Mihara/RasterPropMonitor/releases . (Folder: JSI\RPMPodPatches)
  12. The RasterPropMonitor download on CKAN doesn't include the ModuleManager patches for the stock command pods or MoarDV's updated .dll files. Might be worth adding both as dependencies?
  13. CKAN has version 18.3 sans the ModuleManager patches for the stock command pods, so it needs to be manually updated with MoarDV's .dlls and the patches from Mihara's regular pack. Ah, that actually makes sense.
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