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  1. That's what I used to texture all of my welds...it doesn't work when using the new textures. I mean, it works insofar as it assigns a texture, but said texture is z-fighting with some unknown texture for whatever reason. *edit: I think it has something to do with the new shaders...I wonder if there's a way to assign different textures to individual models within a part using GAMEOBJECTS in ModulePartVariants.
  2. I do my welding manually using EditPad and a calculator, so this isn't exactly a mod-related question, but I figured this would be the best place to inquire about welding issues in general. Does anyone know of a workaround, or whether a workaround is even possible, for the new ModulePartVariants-related texturing issues? All of my painstakingly created welds using the new-ish Rockomax fuel tank textures are flashing like crazy unless I use ModulePartVariants to restrict myself to one texture per variant, whereas I used to be able to assign the textures to individual models without issue.
  3. I don't think you fully understood what Jammer-TD was saying...there is no "fix". Whatever performance gains you enjoy by welding those parts together are exclusively (or at least primarily) physics-related, and pale in comparison to the performance hit you'll suffer by loading a part comprised of 100+ meshes and textures. You're not creating new models/textures by welding parts together.
  4. I just stumbled across this discussion courtesy of an unhelpful search result, and I apologize for reviving a dead thread, but I have to give credit where credit's due... this is hands-down the dorkiest reference I've ever encountered in my thirty years of existence. I mean, the KSP forums are chock-full of dorky references, but this one's something special. It's so extreme that I find myself both irritated and impressed by it, haha... Well-played, aptly-named Archgeek. Truly next-level.
  5. It's been quite a ride man. Best time-vacuum ever. Cheers!
  6. I'm in the same boat. Constant CTD, no errors in log.
  7. Moi aussi. I joined somewhere in the middle of 2012, cut my teeth on 0.16/7. Erkle's Warp Clamps were all the rage back then.
  8. [quote name='bonyetty']It would have to be a highly engineered real life air craft to land on water at over 150kmph and not quickly decelerate in real life. I believe SQUAD wishes to have the game as close to real life while still being fun. A lower expectation of travel/landing speeds on and in KSP's water would be my recommendation. [/QUOTE] Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I started out fairly slow by KSP standards, ie. always <50m/s, typically around 40 m/s, but my floats were catching the water pretty badly at lower speeds. I was advised to come in faster, but qui
  9. Good gravy... I just discovered how to make perfect water landings, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Lower your landing gear. haha... what!? That's not quite right.
  10. [quote name='Valerian'] PlanetShine enhances the sunlight by adding some kind of extreme "planetshine" based effect when you fly close to the sun, in order to make a kind of dramatic effect like in the movie "Sunshine". [/QUOTE] Which I absolutely love...I can practically feel my face searing off when making a low pass. It's an incredible atmospheric touch that truly makes the environment around the sun feel like the absurdly hostile place it's supposed to be. Trouble is, that awesome effect that makes my face feel all melty also causes me to desperately seek shade for my intr
  11. [quote name='Chaos_Klaus'] For landing on the water: Make sure your angle is reeeeally shallow. If you drop below stall speed and lose altitude too fast, you will dip into the water too hard and decelerate quickly. But I managed a few landings that were very smooth indeed. Even at speeds above 50m/s. The first time, I actually was sure I would crash. ;)[/QUOTE] Thanks, but still no dice. I've tried every angle and speed on several different types of floats, but the water firmly grabbed all of them, albeit to slightly varying degrees. I came closest to a normal-ish water landing us
  12. [quote name='Choctofliatrio']I suppose you could just have a bunch of modules close together, but then transporting Kerbals between modules would be next to impossible.[/QUOTE] A slightly rescaled version of the newly hollowed-out Mk.1 structural fuselage could come in handy. [img]http://i.imgur.com/uZkSrtdl.png[/img] [code] PART { name = kerbalTransitTube module = Part author = little square dot rescaleFactor = 1 PhysicsSignificance = -1 node_stack_top = 0, 2.3438, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1 node_stack_bottom = 0, -2.3438, 0, 0, -1, 0, 1 buoyancy = 0.1 //<-IT SINKS
  13. [quote name='Gaiiden']seems like a stock game bug. Craft definitely self-shadow so there should be a shadow behind that shield. Maybe when you get too close to the sun the luminosity grows too great. Or perhaps the shield isn't modeled properly to cast shadows if it's an add on part. Either way self-shadowing craft wouldn't be in scope for this mod (shadows cast by planets might tho)[/QUOTE] Odd...the craft (all-stock) cast shadows on itself when I removed PlanetShine. I made sure it was the culprit before posting. Upgrading to the latest iteration of PS now; hopefully e
  14. [quote name='Pds314']It's definitely possible to land in the water with many planes. Most of my planes ditch fine and I've unwittingly created some "accidental seaplanes."[/QUOTE] Landing/ditching intact isn't the problem. Ridiculously splatty landings are the problem. The issue is that I've yet to perform a "landing" in 1.0.5 that hasn't resulted in violent deceleration from 50 m/s to 0 within a second of hitting the water. Under the old model I could make smooth, graceful landings and decelerate gradually, gliding across the surface for a couple hundred meters o
  15. Is it just me or did the water become really sticky? I just made my first 1.0.5 water landing using welded pontoons that used to glide nicely across the surface , but no matter how shallow my approach angle or slow my airspeed, as soon as they make contact with the water my pontoons grab on for dear life, taking me from 45 m/s to 0 almost instantly, within about 10m of my touchdown point. My plane somehow survives these violent "landings", but it's not so much water landing as water-crashing. Is there something I can add to/change in the .cfgs to make my pontoons less grabby and mo
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