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  1. no need for GPS NASA could track missions just fine be for GPS when you know the inclination and speed of an object + having a data link getting a fix is pretty trivial
  2. Elios

    Year 1970

    the shuttle COULD be flown by remote if they wanted to the AO talked them out of it and the only part of the shuttle that gets hand flown is final approach to touchdown lol and the last refit be for they where retired added the systems for an automated landing but they where never used lol
  3. i just want the SRBs from the pack
  4. Elios

    Year 1970

    to be fair mechjeb is less advanced then the Apollo guidance computer .... and mission control had orbit projections by the 70s just saying the guys in the rocket had little to do really other then punch the number in to the computer assent was fully automated the astronauts had to talk NASA OUT OF making them little more then "man in a can" even in the Mercury days the LEM had to be flown seat of the pants but that was about it and Apollo 13 had some seat of the pants moments now THAT could be a good challenge wonder how hard it would be to build a save file for that .... thing is the "mun" in ksp seems much closer to the planet then the moon is from earth
  5. Elios

    Ideal Ascent Profile

    they also want to get the thing out over the water as soon as they can from the cape which part of why they turn so soon
  6. heres one dont snub SRBs i have seen a lot of people here not wanting to use SRBs they are great for getting you off the pad
  7. i made a play list of some videos i found on orbital Mechanics
  8. Elios

    Helicopter Problems

    first your controls will be 90deg out of phase 2nd does KSP model torque? if so youll need a tail rotor for yaw but helis hard to fly in the first place might need an SAS to heli with heading hold i fly RC helis btw let me know if any of that helps but screen shots would help also the ship file and what mods your using
  9. Elios

    The Grand tour

    well it was stuck on page 3 when i bumped it
  10. Elios

    The Grand tour

    give this a bump its been a week
  11. Elios

    The Grand tour

    now that .17 is out lets see who will be the first
  12. Elios

    0.17 concerns

    minecraft is very memory intensive but needs very little CPU and GPU on the other hand KPS needs lots ram and CPU power and not much GPU
  13. Elios

    0.17 concerns

    Pentium-M/Core/Core2 where all based on the P3 P4 aka Netburst and was a major leap from other CPU designs at the time and was planed to be scaled all the way up to 5Ghz but.. that never happened Intel thought that the low IPC could be made up for with clock speed and later used hyperthreading as a bandaid to help keep the pipeline full netburst a VERY long pipeline for the time which in a cache miss had to be flushed make it even slower i7 ironically is closer to what they wanted to the original P4 to be like be for most of the chip had features cut and proves to scale to clock speed only dreamed of with the P4 a 4Ghz P4 never saw the light of day but he i7 will over clock to over 5Ghz on water cooling and to 4Ghz+ on air
  14. Elios

    Kerbol (the sun) Geosync

    ideally you would put it out at Kerbin-Kerbol L4 or L5 maybe L1 but L1 is not as stable but the devs seem to not like L points and refuse to put them in the game even with it not being a huge deal on modern hardware http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrangian_point
  15. Elios

    0.17 concerns

    thats a HDD thing its loading a bunch of stuff get a faster HDD i have to but it settles after about 10 sec also the i7 is a 4 core(physical CPUs) 8 thread(Logical CPUs each cpu can run 2 threads) CPU not 8 core there are i7s with 6 cores and 12 threads as well i have to say the game makes good use of at lest 4 threads so i cant really complain much game runs fine not most power house system any more only 4Ghz i7 860 and 8GB of ram and a GTX 580 so its gen or 2 old on all fronts the 2600k can oc to 4.5Ghz on air and 5Ghz on good water cooling and the new 680s are stupid fast if your still running an old PPU and not a extra GPU for PhsyX you should know the latest drives dont support the PPU cards any more and they slower then even older low end 7x00 cards so you can get a cheap replacement any way