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  1. I'm tired of skipping these contracts every time they come up. How in heck do you get tourists to pass out while in space? It's easy enough in atmo with a few flaps and a good thrust vectoring engine but without air to push against I just can't even get their G-meters to twitch, let alone max out. I even made a dumbbell "ship" with Soyuz capsules at each end and spun it up with giant RCS blocks. They didn't even blink. How do y'all do these?
  2. Now that Eucl3D has gone under, are there other companies out there who have the files to 3d print KSP designs? I was going to celebrate my first paycheck with a nice rocket for my office, but it seems I'm a month too late.
  3. Why shouldn't extending the gear do that? It has to be strong enough to lift the vehicle up onto the gear in Kerbin gravity. Here you're using it on the Mun. What did you expect?
  4. Thanks, Nathan. I guess the Mk I pod's shield just isn't very good then. Mine keeps blowing up.
  5. I've been playing this game so long I thought I knew what I was doing. But I just installed FAR and DR 1.3 and I can't even launch my first atmospheric craft in career mode because there are no heatshields unlocked. Am I using a wrong version? Was there a config change I was supposed to make to enable such things in career mode? Help! EDIT: To make matters worse, I just found out the starting parachute won't allow the smallest possible rocket to land safely. Wtf?
  6. Docking ports will never cause disassembly, but they may allow it. Or is this happening during launch? In that case, you should know that you don't need two docking ports during liftoff. Keep a docking port wherever you want one on the final orbital object, but the lifter doesn't need them.
  7. Also I'm willing to bet they could remotely trigger a little RCS nudge when they undocked to reduce the LEM's orbital velocity, bringing it even closer to the surface where gravitational differences would decay the orbit even faster.
  8. Wow, they really do have that goose-neck structure to them, don't they? http://files.myopera.com/langtu32/albums/4089702/Su-27-Flanker.jpg
  9. If you want aerodynamics AND a docking port, I suggest building an escape tower with a cone on top.
  10. This is one of the first things I do every time there's a new version. It's become so blase that I don't even take screenshots anymore, but here's my standard craft on Minmus. Mission 30 3-man mission 10 2-man lander 10 asparagus -10 escape tower 10 lander stored behind 20 lander fairing 5 flawless landing 10 CM-MM docking 10 flag 3 splashdown 5 TOTAL 103
  11. I've been playing since .85 so I keep forgetting the save function is there. Occasionally if I'm about to do something really stupid/dangerous (I did a direct descent from Moho to Kerbin in a single burn once because I was really low on fuel) I'll remember it, but usually I don't bother. Come campaign, with real repercussions for failure, I expect I'll use it a lot more.
  12. For those of us without MechJeb, what's a good ascent profile to fly this beast manually? Every time I try to get to orbit, the poodle doesn't have the oomph to accelerate me fast enough to stay out of atmo, even if I augment with RCS thrusters.
  13. Action groups are easy enough to figure out, but what's the flight profile? I know Harv posted a step-by-step guide to orbiting the thing right after it was included, but I can't find it anywhere now.
  14. http://www.popsci.com/technology/gallery/2013-05/space-stations-most-macgyver-moments
  15. Yeah, struts are new-fangled no matter who makes them.
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