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  1. I think it'd be SPECTACULAR if someone involved with this mod would set up a web site with wiki for the mod, including all of the detailed information that today rests in the OP. In particular, I think the wiki should have an area where server operators can list standardized information about thier servers. (name, ip, location, joining procedures, required mods for server, contact information for operators, etc) good idea?
  2. Agreed! Would you consider a keyboard short cut to turn on the display of numerical rate and distance information? In a default off state, it would be unlikely to bother anyone, but having the option to have it sure would be nice. -e
  3. I'm sure showing the the closure angle, speed, and distance information numerically isn't for everyone, but I'd like to have the option. I could ditch laser docking cam, which as many people have said, comes with baggage.
  4. I'd hate to stall the release of other portions of the mod once you have them working, so it makes sense to release what you have ... I can tell you that personally the docking cam is the most important thing for me. Not to worry, I realize its a massive mod and we appreciate you freely giving to the community as you do.
  5. Thanks, malkuth. The community, I'm sure, appreciates your fix. May I ask that you release the source, or at least a diff of the files you edited? You need to release the source and license it under GPLv3 in order to comply with Nobody's copyright.
  6. at the risk of sounding impatient; i can haz steamguages for 21?
  7. awesome! I was just being patient. I'd love if someone stepped up to support this if nobody has gone underground. btw, the work was released under GPLv3 looking at the source on git. That reserves his copyright, but also gave you or anyone else freedom to copy, distribute, and modify his code. (as long as you also distribute your source and otherwise conform to GPLv3) All that said, its completely appropriate for you to pm and ask permission. I'm just saying, if he doesn't reply, you're within the rights he's specifically granted the world to release a derivative/updated work.
  8. best mod evaar! thanks for this. btw, watch scott manley's vid of the mod if interested and for the OP, he has some great ideas on how you might improve it a bit.
  9. Is there any way to disable the mod on a per sandbox basis? I have two sandboxes, one which is for MC one is free play. It'd be nice if when I disabled the plugin in the free play sandbox it didn't disable it in the MC dedicated one. -e
  10. Bumping thread to improve visibility. If I don't get any further detail soon, I'll close it out.
  11. Amazing idea. I really like it. Some instrumentation to help carry out suicide burns would be extremely helpful. -e
  12. MonoDevelop is a good start. I've downloaded/installed that. (which interestingly the mac version isn't completely open-source/free) Are there any tutorials, resources, or groups (mailing lists, irc, whatnot) specific to mac add-on development?
  13. It seems as if the overwhelming percentage of development (and therefor development help/tutorials) is occurring on windows. Is anyone working on development on a mac and are there resources or tutorials that I'm just not finding when I search? -e
  14. Can anyone tell me why my SRBs aren't showing up as adding to my deltav? The thrust and time seem to register correctly in the stage, but it shows only ----- for the deltav.
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