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  1. Granted, but without the damper of spying organizations to protect you, the Illuminati steals your ribcage and sells it on the black market. I wish for version 0.14 to come out.
  2. Well. I think that the little "too small for kerbals" blurb for the Jr. docking port could come into play should the docking port idea be implemented.
  3. Basically the idea would be to have a part that would function as a door if placed on a command pod, giving you the option of exiting and entering that way. This would allow space shuttles to have intra-cargo-bay hatches. What do you guys think?
  4. ... Just read the starting page again. I can't record or use voice recording, but I can still use the DMP chat (some sort of News Channel maybe?)
  5. Good god, this thread has ballooned. I guess I'm in, but I can't be on very often. My steam is Chef Sandvich, and I don't use Skype nor ever will. I guess I'll be flying a non-hostile probe around battles, recording events for the press. EDIT: Do I have to care about resources? I won't make an attempt to conquer any planets, only send peaceful probes to record data and events such as battles or blockades. EDITWO: And another thing: My computer is a dinosaur. When even 2 kerbals come near each other in multiplayer, the game becomes a Windows Movie Maker slideshow. But I still think I can pull off probing. If I may, can I use MechJeb, (only for ascents and perhaps the odd difficult manuever), or will I have to pull out the olex.biz calculator?
  6. Hmm... Have you tried doing New Horizons. to Eeloo? Or maybe try a Voyager I grand tour to Jool and Eeloo. And I have to say, your minirockets really stretch the meaning of "minirocket". I'm amazed that you can even reach the Mun with these, nevertheless Duna. But maybe it's because I can't fly a rocket efficiently to save my life.
  7. So I tried to run a little RP-style space program, what with "unlocking tech" without that silly "manned-start" Campaign Mode. I successfully orbited a probe around the Mun. Two days after I landed a lander on the surface, I switched to it from the orbiter, and it had died. I discovered that the RTG had glitchsploded upon carrier stage separation. I blamed it on the Kommunists. This is why I should never be trusted with engineering a lander vehicle. Also, always bring a static solar panel. Just don't even not bring one, you WILL need it sometime. EDIT: And I just can't not tell the story of my Luna-3 workalike, Artemis II. After Artemis I impacted the Mun, as intended, Artemis II was sent to flyby the Mun and image it. The booster stage did not have the deltav to get all the way to the Mun, so I used some RCS fuel in the probe, the course correction fuel. After a round of Hullcam imaging during the flyby, it was ejected out of the Kerbin system by a chance Mun assist. Several days later, I'm looking at my old probes when I discover Artemis II about to flyby the Jool system. I scramble to modify the trajectory, and the probe manages to aerocapture into a Jool orbit. Now this 4 year old Mun probe is circling Vall. The krakens were smiling upon me, it seems.
  8. remember how I said I couldn't play this in my 64bit install? Well, now that I tried running it as administrator, it works like a freaking charm. Good God, the mod is one of the very best there is out there. The shuttle has the fuel for orbit but not much more- accurate to the real one! It's stable as you'd want, and the cargo bay is long enough in the 1.8 meter version to just *barely* fit a lander and transfer stage to the Mun. It's awesome, to say the least. So far, I've done STS-1 through 3, launching a test flight, a geostationary orbit ion satellite *copied from your tutorial video, it's actually a very capable design* and the aforementioned Mun lander probe. My only qualm is that the cockpit has a 5 meter per second crash tolerance. A water ditch is impossible, to say the least. I've added a set of chutes to my Block 10 design, but so far they haven't been used. I'm going to download the 2.5 meter shuttle tomorrow, I have plans to do a Galileo-styled mission.
  9. Could you add an automatic debris cleaner? Servers always get clogged with 40-something debris- that's more than you can handle terminating when your game is laggy like mine.
  10. hm, is this open for anyone to join? If so, I might build some ion-driven probe and hang around battles, recording for the press. Would seem pretty cool to me.
  11. At the start of my new 0.24.2 save file, (having not updated from 0.24.0 until then), I started the "Explorer" program, to send probes to ALL ZE PLANETS! The HL01 launcher was only meant to fly probes out to Dres with extra fuel for orbital maneuvers, but it managed to just get to Jool for the Jool Explorer mission. The probe, already suffering from a design flaw of fuel shortness, used about a third of its fuel entering a usable orbit. It soon became apparent of a much bigger flaw- the SCANSAT radar installed weighed much, much less than the single RTG on the other side. In other words, the probe would enter an uncontrolled spin whenever I throttled it up beyond about 30 percent. Even MechJeb couldn't get it under control, and I was forced to shunt it into a Laythe orbit to get any data at all from it. The probe did not have the fuel for a polar orbit, so it could only map the equator. A "Jool Explorer II" is in the works, and I have plans to deorbit the Jool Explorer into Jool when it arrives, but it only has 31 units of fuel left to do so. Certainly a challenge. The Duna Explorer functioned perfectly, and mapped Duna and Ike's surfaces flawlessly. Eve Explorer featured a Gilly lander that became a Gilly Impactor due to the shortage of fuel. It survived with only the Ant engine destroyed, landing at 21 meters per second. I can consider the mission a success. With this rush of success, I was motivated to put Kerbals on Duna. So I built a retarded mothership based off a design I had previously made in .23. It featured a central core with 4 nuclear engines and a Jumbo-64, an Apollo-style command module, and a single-Kerbal lander. It suffered from fuel shortages, and the lander touched down with hardly any fuel left. Jeb had to complete orbital insertion with his EVA pack. The mothership was nearly out of fuel due to my inefficient transfer (tried to not use MechJeb, failed miserably), so the command module boldly made the burn home, safely reaching Kerbin after a very stupid ordeal where I decoupled the command module by accident, leading to a reload. Then I made a space station, which got its solar panel (yes, only one) torn off by a poorly-built Progress freighter replica, made with HGR, that was making MechJeb go apesh*t. The crew had to evacuate in Soy-Juices, and the habitation module that doubled as an escape pod.
  12. Could there be an option to enable aerodynamic breakups? It's so satisfying watching my space stations deorbit and break up with Nonbles Kerman still aboard.
  13. I make Soyuz-7K-LOKs out of the rubble, and rebuild my planet. I also wrap it in ketchup, so that it can't be lit aflame. My fireproof 7K-LOK planet.