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  1. Squad made me change it. They don't want anyone using the kerbal icon.
  2. Thanks! What language bug are you referring to? And let me know what strings should be what in German, and I'll update the app. The file containing all the German translations is located here: https://github.com/Amagi82/KerbalSpaceApp/blob/master/res/values-de/strings.xml
  3. I think I need to clone myself so I can get more work done. The devnotes idea would be cool, but I'm super busy with another project right now. Concerning the language thing- I did spot a bug yesterday that I think is causing the language to reset for you. I'll be releasing an update adding a new language(Croatian) and possibly fixing that bug. Let me know if it persists after the app updates next.
  4. I don't know exactly how the FAR or NEAR mods alter atmospheric calculations. Do you have data on that?
  5. There's not a save function at this time. I was considering making one, but I'm working on a big new project right now, so that's where I'm focusing my attention for the time being. And thank you! Glad you enjoy the app.
  6. 1) Oh, gotcha. I have no plans to make it work that way. It would be too much work for too few results, and there are already a couple of resources that do that. Here's a website that does just that: http://mononyk.us/wherecanigo.php?dv=7500&loc=ground&figs=diff 2) Making the transfer windows more visual is something I'm considering. I agree others do it better. And I'll send you a PM about Portuguese.
  7. You're welcome! And why do they differ? Because there are tons of different ways to perform an orbital maneuver, and some are more or less efficient in certain circumstances. I tried to use the most fuel efficient method for most circumstances, and allow the user a huge range of choice in how they perform it. Per your suggestions: 1) Hah! Julien copied my Mission Planner! I feel sorta honored. And KSP Calculator has improved dramatically since the last time I checked it out (also, my app does almost exactly what the Counselor does, in the Mission Planner area). 2) What is this program doing t
  8. Just released version 1.3! Enjoy the prettier art (I got rid of the planet backgrounds).
  9. Done. May take a few hours from the time of this post to update.
  10. Version 1.2 is now up, which lets you override the default language in Settings. It also adds commas to break up large numbers, and improves the Spanish translations (courtesy of Jorge Sierra). The plan for version 1.3 is to revamp the Science Multiplier section. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Science I'm considering including max possible science for each planet, with and without a Kerbal, along with the altitudes necessary to get atmospheric and low orbit science. Or perhaps the total amount of science available from the surface, from the atmosphere, from low orbit, and from high
  11. I think I like having those in meters, but I'll switch it up and see how it looks. The comma separation is a good idea. I'll add it to the list. *update* I tried having it switch to km when you get above 10,000, and it looks weird, so I'm gonna stick with meters. I did add comma separation though- that looks great. Thanks for the idea! I think I'm gonna work on the forced language thing now and roll out an update when I get that working.
  12. It may be possible to include a setting that forces the app to use another language, but I'm told it can be buggy. I'll experiment around with it and see what I can do. I only speak English, so sorry for the odd translations - I'm kinda at the mercy of Google translate unless I dump a bunch of money I don't have on professional translators, which, for a free app, makes no sense. Anything I can fix? Anything hilarious? lol And Awaras, I just added Serbia. Should be up shortly. I was getting people leaving bad reviews because I didn't have it translated into every conceivable language, so I li
  13. Now I'm really confused. What country are you in? I did restrict it from a few countries because I was annoyed at getting negative feedback for not having a version in their language. If you want, you can send me a PM with your email, and I will personally email you the .apk. *edit* problem solved- it was a country permission.
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