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  1. Unlikely they'd hire him. I don't think they have a huge workload for their modelers right now or else Nova would probably have more to do. And only being the most amateurish of a modeler myself, My only guess is you have an axis off somewhere.
  2. I donno. I've just been hiring the dumbest kerbals that come up on the list regardless of name
  3. All I see are people who want to be told cheating is ok so they can feel good about themselves for avoiding challenges. If the sandbox was being removed, you'd have an argument, but since it's not, you don't. Is this harsh? Yes. Will people agree with me? Not likely considering how many use OP mods. But am I calling it like I see it? Again. Yes.
  4. You didn't answer my question. So, they have two choices of game modes, which they're free to choose which they want to play any time they want. One allows anyone to do anything with no limits or restrictions, the other designed to have restrictions to force people to overcome challenges.. Please explain to me WHY they would choose to turn the challenge into the same thing as the no limits sandbox... instead of just playing the sandbox? I already know the answer.. People want someone to tell them cheating and making things easy is ok and pat them on the back. It's not like career mode is going to remove the sandbox after all. If the career mode challenge was to get part X in orbit using part's Q, Y and Z.. and you just hyperedit part X into orbit instead.. please explain to me what exactly you accomplished?
  5. I'll counter this with.. if they want to do this, what's the point of them even playing in career mode in the first place? Why not just stick with sandbox mode? The 'career mode should be sandbox where nothing matters' argument makes zero sense to me since players who don't want limits can just stick with playing in the sandbox.
  6. You also have to remember that there are STILL aspects of that game that worked before the engine switch, that are still non-functional to this day. and the engine switched happened shortly after I cashed out and quit playing, and that was like... 2005?
  7. Uh. I don't really follow the goings on of intel, but didn't hyperthreading die with the P4's?
  8. It would only cause lag if you were close enough to it for it to be rendered and get physics calculations done.. while it's just an icon on the map and 'on rails', it doesn't take up much in the way of resources. The only downside is it clutters up your map. though since you can turn off viewing debris now, even that doesn't really matter.
  9. Qumefox

    Voyager 1

    The devs call it the sun. It's called the sun in the game. They've stated when asked before that none of the dev staff wants to call it kerbol. Generally only people hung up on naming everything k-names call it kerbol. Wiki's are player edited. Just because some people call it kerbol, doesn't mean it's right, or that it's what everyone calls it. Though honestly.. calling the sun kerbol still sounds significantly less retarded than people using the terms 'apokee' and 'perikee'.
  10. Are you building your ships with 'allow part clipping' turned on? Pretty much the ONLY time I have things randomly fall apart is if I try to use that option and whatever the craft is is very big. It works fine on small things like rovers/probes, it makes all large craft prone to falling apart randomly.
  11. Terrain in KSP is a hard limit in the current software.. So any 'caves', would have to be well.. above ground... to even be possible currently without a full core game rewrite most likely
  12. They're large textures. The higher the resolution they are, the more GPU power and video ram is needed to store/render them.
  13. No game producer that i've ever heard of makes a big media press release about extremely minor patch revisions. Squad is no different. You should know about the new version from KSP telling you there's a new version when you run it. Steam users won't have to deal with it at all since steam would just go ahead and update it anyway.
  14. 'Game booster' software is useless. Think of it like this.. Would you solve resource limitations (which is in actuality, what speed problems are.) by installing software that reduces said resource pools even farther? (uses ram, eats CPU cycles) KSP is a highly CPU intensive game. No software is going to change that.
  15. What dead ends? I've landed on every body in the solar system, and returned from most using stock parts. Most people just choose not to deal with design challenges, and just throw OP mod parts at the problem.