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  1. This loks cool, could you also tune it to work with FAR? I only use FAR and I have been finding stuff overheats when i'm going at mach 4
  2. ... Go under "changelog"
  3. When downloading from steam, you can swap which server you prefer for game downloads, if you tried that, maybe your connection to that particular server is bad? go to this link: steam://settings/downloads
  4. @"Roflcopterkklol" Just because you can't make an SSTO that doesn't mean it's impossible. Other people have... Complaining about the game's balance is also a moot point. If you don't like it, do something for yourself and don't complain, or just don't complain at all.
  5. I love this mod, but to be honest I haven't installed it because it's not on CKAN. If it were on ckan just as a mod bundle that installed all the dependencies, then you had to manually install your files I'd even be good with that, because ask pjf on #ckan, but I'm pretty sure CKAN can't do overwriting
  6. I think it's because the game calculates the orbits based on the movement of either the command pod or the root part of the vessel (not sure which) and so when you rotate it applies that sideways momentum to the orbit, because the root/command part is not the same as the center of mass. This means when the ship rotates (around the center of mass) the part for which the orbit is calculated spins around the CoM, changing the orbit. When you stop rotating, it stops moving "sideways" and the orbit settles down. The way to eliminate the wiggle would be to recalculate the trajectory yourself using the CoM as the calculation. TL;DR: The orbit is predicted for a part other than the CoM
  7. Looks good. Will be useful to get past the first few boring nodes. Are the science packages stock experiments?
  8. Yes, but just for every part of modding, and could also cover .cfg info for mods and third-party plugins which the official wiki can't. (Should steal it for the wiki)
  9. +1 I have tried, and given up on making an addon just because of how hard it is to get specific information out of a video. nli2work has the point that there is already enough resources out there to learn, they're just harder (for me) to learn from than what you are proposing. This is because I have the general idea of the process but things like origins, and orientation and formats need clarification and I don't want to have to watch a 20min video. I am also a fast reader which means everything is quicker /ramble
  10. Cpt. Kipard it looks like to make the craft function in stock you're gonna have to make something unrealistic. The best option looks like the thrust curve, and you don't have many other choices. Go for full realism in FAR. You have to make compromises in KSP.
  11. Perhaps, if you give the parts the line in the cfg "physicssignificance=0", then a lot more can be put on stations.
  12. Aw i still want this? Is it gonna happen?