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  1. Thanls, I will bear this in mind.
  2. If I'm going from 1.78 to 1.8.0, what should I do to my craft to avoid breaking the save? Just remove all contares parts in flight?
  3. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/11/10/hellion-wants-you-to-die-in-cold-space-next-year/ Looks like a pretty good space survival game with a focus on EVAs, fixing ship systems, cooperative salvaging etc. And no voxels!
  4. Alright, that's just got me craving a subnautica/KSP crossover
  5. I will give it another look.
  6. I actually can't imagine anything more boring than Eyes Turned Skywards, why go to all the trouble of making a space exploration AU where everything is still terrible, limited by budgets, tiny spaceplane projects get cut etc? That's too realistic to be fun.
  7. I have nothing to add but compliments. Nice mod!
  8. The worst I had was a supply teacher who insisted "the moon has no gravity", when clearly she meant "no atmosphere" and was simply stubborn.
  9. I'm reminded that KSP has essentially the same graphics as battlefield 1942, as I thought these were Coral Sea screenshots for a moment. I'd kill for a physics-driven 1942 remake.
  10. Problem is, KSP is the only recent game I know of that has to deal with vehicles (or anything) made from dozens of joined physics objects. I wish there was a direct competitor so we could compare their approaches.
  11. What's your profile picture from?

    1. vardicd


      Its a pic from kerbal space program. I snapped that pic accidentally, a few versions ago, when I was launching Helldiver's space shuttle mod.

  12. Some games are so good you play them even when the framerate really chugs. When you finally upgrade, and you can play them at a decent FPS, that's a great feeling.
  13. All my subscriptions seem to be gone. I had about 60, all mods I planned on installing when I got around to playing KSP properly. Bugger.
  14. [quote name='GregroxMun']That is only two skin tones. Not a "wide variety." You might be thinking of another human skin texture pack if you're thinking of one that includes a wider variety of skins tones. [spoiler=Like this one][url]http://i.imgur.com/FMe09Bk.png[/url][/spoiler][/QUOTE] that image gave me nightmares, cheers
  15. wow, thanks squad, you spipped up again and ruined the only mod that made kerbin feel like more than a spherical heightmap
  16. I'm not sure why anyone wants more planets when that just means more terrible low-res heightmaps with no props.
  17. What is helldiver working on? (just curious, I know it's not a KSP thing)
  18. Made a factory. I think I need to watch some more tutorials now before trying anything else.
  19. I was addressing the people waiting for release, not the mod creator
  20. If you were planning to make something for this, you might as well get started, it's all simple blender and gimp work. The precise specs of the hex plates don't matter.
  21. As a UK driver I can confirm that you will definitely die if you ride a motorbike. Don't do it. Driving-wise, I don't know anyone that passed their test after 10 lessons, you'll probably need more, I believe the average is 22 but it took me 40. The people who do it with 10 lessons or less were the type whose parents had a farm and let them drive an old banger about in a field since they were 13. I have no advice besides fill the empty walking time to the bus stop with podcasts and learn stuff.
  22. I installed windows 10, then my house burned down and I died. Coincidence? I think not.
  23. It's a question of what values the software has, and what values it does not have. The classic example is an AI installed to run a paperclip factory. All it values is the number of paperclips produced, but it does not value human life, so because it's a superintelligent machine with a factory, it expands the factory, gathers resources from the world and builds more paperclips. The fact that it's making paperclips from the ruins of New York doesn't bother it slightly. To be clear, you shouldn't be worried about this happening in the near term, but it's a clear problem with intelligent machines that there are no obvious solutions to, so we need to think hard about controlling intelligent machines before we build one and let it run the world for us. And we probably do actually want a giant computer to run the world, because it frees all the rest of us from having to work, so we can play KSP all day or garden or whatever you do with your free time.
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