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  1. only just today discovered this mod. very fun. I like how it requires the sending of a jump gate to a location so it is not just a magic ride to anywhere. Hope you get to develop it more.
  2. My Olympus Station built back in version 0.18 I think it was.
  3. Hmm... I have been trying to create my own carrier... I guess I don't understand the magic. I can get your carrier to fly but mine won't it just falls. Is there some number of flaps needed or how close they are placed to each other... or what..?
  4. so.... let me get this straight. We are doing all the hard part: design the ship, fly the mission, record it, export it, compress it, upload it, and... you watch it once and talk over it and it goes on your youtube channel. Hmmm. naw
  5. do the projectile weapon's bullet's arc with gravity or do they go straight line to the target? (in other words, do you have to shoot higher at a distant target to hit it?)
  6. No problem! Great Mod. I did put the ammo right on the base of the guns and it seems to help. One other question... how did you get the plane to take off and fly... then switch to the gun emplacement to shoot it down in the air? I tried and the game won't let me switch to the gun craft while the plane is moving in the air on on the ground. what is the secret?
  7. probably stupid question... but sometimes when I put the guns and amo on a craft they work, and sometimes they don't. Does the ammo have to be in a certain place? (like.. do they have to be cross feed connected or fuel line connected to the gun? or do the guns have to be connected in a certain place? I can activate them, but sometimes they won't fire. also, is there some trick to the auto targeting?
  8. to all of you out there who have poured your heart and souls into custom programming to enhance our KSP experience... HAPPY MODDERS DAY.
  9. Nope... does not work. if you grab the part it only takes the one end of the fuel line connection... and if you attach it... it does not reconnect the two ends. also... i think it would need something else in maybe the storage box container to be able to place it in a storage box initially. thanks for the idea though.
  10. Rats! I was afraid of that. I kinda figured that since KAS already has its own pipe system that mono-directional fuel lines would not work. unless there is a way to make the KAS pipes work where you could make them have different switching modes... bi directional or one way or the other... that would be cool.
  11. can someone help me... I want to try to add the stock fuel line so I can place it in the storage boxes of KAS and be able to place it on craft. I want to do this because it seem the conventional KAS pipes and connections do not work in conjunction with Kethane.... I need to be able to attach a fuel/oxidizer tank to a Kethane refinery unit... and apparently to do it properly you have to attach FROM the fuel tank TO the converter. but the KAS pipes don't act the same ONE WAY as the stock fuel lines. I thought if I could attach a stock fuel line in EVA using KAS it would work, but unfortunately it seems that is not a part KAS can grab or attach. is there a way you can show me to do this?
  12. I ... want ... my... point... two ... three!!!! (sing to the appropriate tune)
  13. this was my recent Apollo style mission <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>
  14. Just came across this thead... Loving it... looking forward to future chapters!
  15. does this plugin let you record a "track" of where you vehicle traveled? It would be cool to be able to show the path traveled as a map overlay either a flat map or a picture of the planet with the track traveled.