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  1. Ok thanks, I'll go have a look around other forum topics. I've used DMP mod in the past, Time Warping is one of the the major issues with MP. DMP's approach (time synchronization) to it is ok but I wouldn't like this as an official solution. The other major issue is sharing launch pads & runways. My solutions for this would be to either: 1, Each player has a time slot to launch at, so you have to book your launch window before you can enter the launchpad. 2, Each player has their own KSC at a selected site away from the other players. I've played DMP with 3 other players but we were all in the same room so we could communicate launchtimes etc so we didn't end up getting in each others way. 2 of us managed to co-op build a space station and refueling stations in orbit. Was very cool to do this with another player and it made the task that much quicker. Anyway, if there are other active MP threads out there I won't start going on about stuff here. I'll post in those instead so will end the thread here. thanks.
  2. I looked over the first 5 pages of this forum topic and couldn't see any, If you have any links I would like to have a read. Thanks
  3. That is from the official KSP Wiki under the Planned Features section which is still being updated frequently. My issue with people getting angry about others asking about MP is this... Until Squad says MP isn't going to happen AND the official wiki still states MP is a planned feature people will continue to ask about MP so please do not abuse others for asking about a planned feature whether you like it or not or believe it will happen or not. Squad are the only ones who can stop people asking about MP by releasing a statement to say their MP plans have been abandoned.
  4. I don't dislike the new mission creator but I cannot personally see myself using it. I do like the new parts though
  5. Not helpful In your opinion. I am aware that asking about MP starts heated debates... this thread is not about "should it or shouldn't it" it is simply about as I said in the OP, MP hasn't been mentioned and I wanted to know the current state of play since the following quote from the devs a few years ago... So basically, the devs have not said it will not happen. I haven't been active on KSP for a year or so and I wanted an update, not a flame war.
  6. I've also had a similar issue, to fix it you have to turn off SAS when the magnetic attraction kicks in. I'm not sure when it happened but I now experience docking as if it has been made easier. I now seem to have a more 'magnetic' issue going on that when maneuvering 1 ship the other ship is mirroring it at close range. This is making it easier but I don't like it as it doesn't look or feel realistic to me. Is there an option somewhere to turn off this 'magnetic attraction' between docking ports on different vessels? NOTE: I know docking ports always attracted to another in range but it seems to be stronger in the newer versions of KSP.
  7. So I looked over the first 5 pages of this thread and couldn't see anything related to Multiplayer so... I for one would very much like it to coop with friends on joint missions and goals. • Have I missed an update, has MP been mentioned of late? • Is it time to revisit Multiplayer? • Now Making History is done, what is next?
  8. I am glad MechJeb is a mod and not baked into the base game. If MechJeb was baked in very few people would fly without it, you wouldn't learn the basics of space flight mechanics which is extremely rewarding once you pull off a perfect launch / orbit / rendezvous with Mun etc. Back in the early days it was much much harder to do rendezvous than now, we didn't used to have the Maneuvers UI (which I think is ingeniously integrated in the UI), with it orbits and rendezvous etc are a piece of cake (providing you have the fuel and power etc). Now don't get me wrong, I do use MechJeb because launching a rocket can get a bit tedious at times if you are repeating the process a lot to launch parts of a space station etc to then construct in orbit. This is why I believe it should always remain a mod, the base game gives you everything you need to launch rockets etc, MechJeb just automates it.
  9. I have Advanced Tweakables turned on in General settings... still can't see fuel flow. Found it Those new Rocketry parts don't include revamps to all parts, the SAS module is the texture that most bothers me.
  10. So I have downloaded 1.2... maybe I read something wrong somewhere so if I have please ignore my first question: 1, Fuel Flow display / overlay. I read on 'DevNote Tuesday' (and saw a dev picture) a few weeks back, maybe a month or more, that there would be a new fuel flow overlay in the build screens to show the direction & priority of fuel flow. I cannot find this option or see anything that looks like the screenshot I saw. Did this make it into v1.2 or have I misunderstood how this functionality works? 2, Low Res Textures (even when 'Fantastic' mode is set) My PC is good enough to max out the KSP settings so I run everything on the highest graphics settings. I noticed that some parts are worse than others but notably the large SAS module (the dark grey one) has some very poor texture quality even with the maximum texture quality mode enabled. I am aware that when you change this setting in the Graphics menu a restart is required but even then, yes they do improve but no where near what I would call 'fantastic'. I don't run 4K res or anything like that, just a standard 1920x1200. Is this normal or am I expecting too much? thanks,
  11. I read the devnotes every week and although the developments in KSP that are being made are great and I am very grateful for all the hard work the Squad devs put in, I am continually saddened with the lack of news for multiplayer support in KSP. I had read nothing at all about it since the initial announcement that it is a feature that will be put in at some point and that some base framework for it had already been put in place. I assume this is still the case or have I missed something somewhere that says there will be no multiplayer anymore? Like I said, I am very grateful for all the hard work but to me multiplayer in KSP is what I am waiting for over any other update, the rest as important as they are, don't really add any new longevity to KSP in the same way having a multiplayer 'universe' would. Apologies if I have missed some announcement that has stated multiplayer will not be happening.
  12. Since 1.1.0 was released and continued into v1.1.1, the once air intake readout that used to be up in the top right hand corner of the screen (where the electricity readout is among other things) now seems to have been removed. My question is, has it been removed or has it been moved elsewhere? I used to find this readout very helpful when making SSTO's. It was of major benefit when trying to achieve the maximum height before switching to oxygen burning fuel from air breathing.
  13. I haven't had too many issues but based on my limited play so far my comments are as follows: • Navball is far too big at 100% UI scale, everything else is ok though. • Smallest wheels are too frail and are almost unusable due to how little weight they can now carry. • Game frequently crashes during VAB or SPH (x64) building, seems to be random, sometimes it will happen after a few seconds, other times a few minutes or not at all. • Wheels seem to be too bouncy, the game seems to be even more difficult to get a spaceplane to take off over v1.0.5, mostly the wheels bounce then the plane flips to one side (usually the left) before exploding even on craft that have been perfectly built and balanced with symmetry mode. My comments are based on v1.1.0 with NO MODS. ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I've just noticed that the Air Intake has been removed from the flight resource display, this is not good at all, now there is no way to monitor the air intakes to know when to switch engine modes from air breathing to not.
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