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  1. I give up on getting the Kerbal Textures, I can't open them at all... Can someone please upload a template, PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!
  2. Happah birthday!!!

  3. Rareden you have the absolute best artwork these forums have had, Please don't quit.
  4. Thank you for the maps but I meant the Kerbal Textures, in the new update you can change Kerbals.
  5. I can't get the textures, please someone upload them or PM me them...
  6. Let me re phrase that, Does anyone have the templates?
  7. Has anyone made a Kerbal texture yet?
  8. I've noticed all of your ships look like Halcyon or Marathon classes.
  9. Thanks for reminding me, I'm moving my fleet from Eve to Jool now...
  10. I believe this makes Pol Tyrene Empire Territory.
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