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  1. Subscribed as one of TOP10 desired game changes! I will try it in first occasion.
  2. Yeap, that was a fast minute, but in long term will be anoying like Christmas hits in mall.
  3. GMT+1 here I really want to know why Squad annouce new update. Maybe server stress testing?
  4. You always surprise us with something great. I try to look at Jool today and look if I have same problem like others.
  5. This is great mod! Looks so realistic from space and after rocket start. I use only clouds and Release-4 make some improvement. Many players want to make everything realistic. I like it too, but I really want to see unrealistic clouds, like unrealistic and funny Krebals are. There is possibility to use textures "face me" below desired altitude to exhibit cloud thicknes? I mean some random cloud textures moving along and not precisely releated with your mod.
  6. This is alredy in v0.5 just need to set visible on at "O" button list. This mod is growing in very right way.
  7. /agree with Paul Kingtiger and QuantumX With this guide I create a parts and textures with Gimp and Blender (never used before), with Cybutek I get something about c# environment, but for last two days I cant still put together this pieces, becouse of Unity. Just need one very simple full guide. Many parts of guides is expanded enough to understand and use own creativity.
  8. I was searching today for same question. How to start with programming and modding in KSP. KSP Wiki don't say clearly what to install, what to do, so some people will be confused. On youtube channel "Cybutek" was created a 7-part guide. If you are compleatly green with programming is best solution to make small steps, reading source code of the simpliest mods. I know C and C# in average so maybe I release something in future. Cybutek channel:
  9. Nice update! Just all what I need. Time to try it! Cheers!
  10. Oh, sorry for blame you. I just added this before first trip to other planets. Typing for beginner like me, again, and again, is irritating.
  11. Great and usefull plugin, but when i try to drag maneuver to find rough place everything seems to shake and wobble, and I just must create new maneuver in different place or use UT textbox whitch in solar system travels complicate planning rather than help becouse 100 step is too small. My propose to avoid (not resolve) problem is create textbox for bigger numbers than 100 for UT. This will be enough to step by step check roughly a maneuver place in desired resolution.
  12. Most of moons are little boring for now. Maybe science and missions change it. There is enough celestial bodies but I think need more purposes, more secrets, maybe caves? I have idea for a planets. Ther should be something unusual and maybe on edge of posibility: 1) Medium sized planet on litlle lower than Moho orbit. Core of planet is very hot, atmosphere is thin and semitransparent with heavy chemical gases. Volcano, river of lava, cracked shells everywere. Rain of white-hot iron splashed on surface. 2) Smaller than above planet faced one side always to the Sun. Hotter side generates fumes or have a dusty atmosphere like in above example. Opposite side is frozen with fog, clouded atmosphere with geysers or some vulcanoes 3) Almost liquid surface with a capes of ice and floes. This liqiud does not need to be water. 4) Object with unregular orbit from porous iron or group of that objects. 5) Enormous and transparent forming gas giant. Some like a cloud in space.
  13. Totally "must have". But it's not necesary to see all unknown for Eve or Duna from the begining before at least fly near celestial body. This should be Add some science points for explore whole category to exact players for explore. To easy to get science in straight and repeated experiments.
  14. Completely agree. Gathering Science from same spot shouldn't give Science. Maybe after tag some craters or areas from camera orbiting celestial body give a purpose to fly on Mun, Minmus etc. again. Agree again, but it will also depends on managed/unmanaged crew, (science abilities of Kerbals?), and size of team. (In far future) I also force to start getting science by stock car and plane and build a comunication net like in RemoteTech. Transfering data by tiny antena from inaccessible point far in space consume the same energy like in KSC and it is always possible. From me: - More space for different reports. - More space for rocks and some weight in far future - Advanced antena should be more efficient
  15. Yea, files structure is confusing becouse many mods still don't keep a GameData directory. Just paste it like it is, worked for me. Ships are great but my skill isn't enough especially with vertical landig and use TAC balancer. This big barrel with four legs (no offence) always fly away, rotate and can't cancel a horizontal speed. Same with my almost perfect symmetric vessel. I don't have idea why some parts you don't have in menus.