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  1. Is it normal that there is no parts in the Parts folder of this mod? If so, where can I find mods that use Infernal mod?
  2. Gora511

    [1.3.0] Launch Numbering 0.4.0

    I'm curious, how does the mod handle the names ending with a dash (-)? For example, if I want to use the same style as the STS-XXX mission numbering that NASA used in the space shuttle era.
  3. Gora511

    Looking For a mod with EVA Rails

    Thx MeCripp, I have downloaded the "updated" version and will check if it suits my need.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a mod to install EVA Rails on a station/vessel/satellite. Thanks
  5. Finaly got to the end of the line, one ticket for hypertrain (have been trying to get to the end of the thread since page 160 and each time i was about to reach it: 502... oh wait its back, god dammit 5 more pages!)