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  1. Downloaded the latest via CKAN. Love the IVA on the science lab. However, now I have a problem. My planetary Cupola is missing from the command module section in the VAB. I went and looked in my R&D section, and it shows as "owned". But, it is no longer in the VAB menus. I looked through all of them...twice! What did I do wrong?
  2. Love the latest update! Thank you for adding docking cams. Question: Is there any way you would consider having the camera views be able to be brought up in a smaller popup window view, instead of full screen? Especially the new docking port cam view.
  3. Firstly, thank you very much to the authors of this mod. It has made playing this game SO much better! Secondly - my apologies if this has been asked and answered before. I did do a thread search, and couldn't find the answer I needed. Issue: I had a few mods pre-installed before I found CKAN. One of which is Module Manager. It shows up as "AD" under the "Installed" column. Some of the others, I was able to delete them manually, and then re-add back through CKAN, so that CKAN can track the mod and let me install updates as they become available. However, when I try this with Module Mana
  4. Agreed, totally. I've been using this mod to make mobile research labs / bases, and would LOVE to have at least one raster prop monitor (if not more) in the cupola. Great for "back up cameras" and the like. Absolutely LOVE this mod. Thanks to the author!
  5. Love this mod. I simply would not play the game any longer without MechJeb. I find manually flying / docking to be tedious at best. I'm using the latest release of MechJeb (came out a week or so ago?), and not the latest DEV release. Something I've encountered on every rocket I've built since has been confusing me. In the past, MJ would start the gravity turn around 7000m, give or take a few. Now, it is starting the gravity turn around 900-1000m. Very soon after lift-off. Is this on purpose? And yes, I've checked the "Ascent Path Editor" and it should still be around 7km. My ships /
  6. Still loving this mod. One request (and if it has been discussed before, please accept my apologies): Is it possible to include, in the future, a rotating crane "motor"? Kinda useless to have these winches and cranes, but you can't rotate them around and drop / pick-up elsewhere. IE - with 0.25, they have cargo bays with opening/closing doors. A rotating crane that can lift something out of that bay, and rotate to either side, and lower it to the ground. If something like that already exists...I've yet to discover it. Thanks!
  7. Nevermind...found it in my "\GameData\SCANsat\Plugins\PluginData\SCANsat" folder.
  8. Thanks for this excellent mod. Question: On the "Big Map", does the "Export to PNG" currently work? I've got a full map I scanned (lo-res, b&w) and tried the "Export to PNG" button, but nothing happens. No .PNG shows up in my "\GameData\SCANsat\PluginData\SCANsat" folder. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Love the latest updates to MechJeb. Thanks. Only thing I don't care for are the dropdowns. So, I went back to the old "arrow" style. However, the order everything shows up in is all scrambled. Is there a way to order them back the way they used to be? I had them all memorized. Thanks!
  10. Well, the "presence" of MM is causing the game to crash. I suppose it is a problem with the stock x64-bit game, or what have you. But, game works fine, including KAS, on 64-bit version, without MM present. You just can't grab and attach stock parts without MM present. Thought I made that pretty clear in my prior post. Whether MM itself is buggy, or its mere presence trips a bug in the stock x64-bit game, the result is the same. With MM present, game crashes. Without it, x64-bit game works fine.
  11. Module Manager is what is causing the crash. I remove it from GameData, and the game works fine (including KAS, just without being able to grab/attach stock parts) in the Win64 version. *shrug* Not a big deal to me...I installed the Win32 version so I could use KAS and MM. I hope they iron out these Win64 bugs because I'd like to be able to use more memory for the game.
  12. Just went back through this thread, and looks like the MOD author has made many bug fixes for the x64 version. Hopefully he can use my files above for a fix.
  13. Huh...ok then. Weird that the previous version of KSP and KAS worked fine with the 64-bit version. *shrug* Guess I'll go download the 32-bit version. Thanks!
  14. So, I just copied it back in. Sure enough, game crashed. Snapshot of when it crashes: http://www.asbrand.com/pics/Gaming/KSP/ksp_kas_mm_hanging.png Snapshot of the crash popup: What files from the crash folder would you guys need? *EDIT* - here, I just uploaded the entire folder: http://www.asbrand.com/gaming/ksp/crashfiles/
  15. Ah... Well, yes, I originally did. However, it was causing the game to hang right after I loaded it up (after the game "loads" all the parts into memory), so I deleted it. Didn't realize it was required. *sigh* Yeah, for some reason, the game will just not go forward from that point when the MM dll is there. I'll try to put it back and take a snapshot.
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