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  1. As pointed out by a few people in this thread, the whole "blind" idea isn't particularly good. In light of this, having recorded a few test episodes (and having pretty quickly got rid of them), and in light of other commitments in my life, I've decided to cancel the series. Sorry to those of you hoping to have a video made. Feel free to use your footage as you like, in case you weren't already! - Harv
  2. Alright! I'll be recording the Pilot Episode later today, after some delays. Until I'm convinced this'll be a series, I won't be accepting any more entries below this post.
  3. Seen a few people saying they're upscaling their video. Don't! That doesn't magically fill in more pixels, it just stretches what's there and makes it look worse! I've also now edited the initial post to reflect this. On another note, I should be recording the pilot episode tomorrow - then we'll see whether or not I'll change the format away from blind commentary. The arguments that have been posted on this thread make sense - especially in that regard.
  4. Short ones are fine, and if they're THAT short I'd say upload them in their entirety. You might as well, right? Anything below 5 minutes is probably a bit too short, mind you.
  5. 1080p is preferable, as it'll reduce file size for me and make things more convenient (I won't be uploading in 1440p). But if you can't stand to reduce your resolution, I guess it's fine. (provided other requirements are met, of course.) I will indeed allow mods - thanks for reminding me to edit the initial post.
  6. Ah, the phrasing there is wrong - thanks for pointing that out. I've done live commentary quite a few times in the past, and doubtless will do in the future. It's just that, on the whole, I prefer commentating whilst not playing simply because it allows me to focus on what I'm saying. Also, the point of this series is to see whether I'll enjoy commentating over *other peoples'* missions - which, of course, I can't do live. Unless they were streaming, or something. But that would just be silly.
  7. Hey guys, Harv here, and welcome to the: Submissions Thread! The Premise: I rather enjoy commentating over KSP missions, and usually I commentate over my own - with full, prior knowledge of how the mission turned out. To vary things a little, I'd like to try commentating blind over your KSP footage! With as little to no prior knowledge as possible, I think this series of videos has the potential to be entertaining. As a result, I'm asking you to submit a video of one of your KSP missions for me to commentate over in a pilot episode - just to see if the format will actually work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16q3XlKZJY8 The Rules: Footage must be 1080p, at an average of 30FPS. To confirm this, you must link to a 5 minute YouTube clip of the video. This is a small preview to check the quality is satisfactory, and can be from any point in the mission - provided your craft is shown in flight. The total video duration must be no longer than 1 hour - preferably closer to 25 minutes. Your footage must be uploaded to either Google Drive, DropBox, MediaFire or Mega. The video must be in no more than two parts, and the total file size no more than 20GB. This is the highest I can feasibly allow it. Make sure to use a good video compressor to get as low as possible without sacrificing quality too much. Lower file sizes (to a certain point, of course) WILL make you more likely to be picked. Oh, and by the way, Don't upscale your video to try and meet the 1080p requirement! That's not why the rule is there! By asking for 1080p video, I'm looking for video actually at that resolution when recorded. Some Things to Note: Only send in interesting missions! If it's a perfectly standard flight to the mun, where nothing goes wrong, that isn't suitable. Conversely, if it's a flight where plenty of things go wrong but nothing gets DONE, that isn't suitable either. The best candidate is likely one where the mission profile is unique (as in several objectives in one flight). I'm allowing mods! *Gasp* yes, I know this is unusual for me, but I've decided that I might as well. It ought to help invite more interesting submissions. I've opted for direct file downloads to try and maintain quality. If you prefer a file sharing site not on the above list, suggest it and I might add it. Example Submission Format: Name: HOCgaming Preview Video: *link goes here* (or embed using [ video ] [ / video]) Download Link: *link goes here* Details: Video is in one part, 50 minutes long. Footage is 12GB. Thanks for reading. I look forward to seeing your submissions! - Harv
  8. Hey guys, Harv here, http://prntscr.com/20l8oi TheMattDennis16 and I are trying to get it working and are failing spectacularly. Clean installs, running server as admin, port forwarding via Hamachi on a network that we know works. Any ideas? Also, can anyone actually post evidence of this mod/ plugin working? Have yet to see some. Thanks, HOCgaming
  9. Yeah, I was a bit vague. Basically, I want to see if we can use the memorial as a prop for a REALLY powerful cannon- It's not likely to budge an inch, but I want to know how difficult setting up the cannon would be.
  10. Harv, post a download link to download your ships on the Iconic Spacecraft series! I want to see if I can make modifications to it to make it look better

  11. Please. Make this again in a smaller part count that can be run at a minimum of.... say 7 frames per second. If it works well enough after such a remake, I guarantee you a Kerbal Test Pilot episode. Please. Harv
  12. MechJeb was not removed, unable to use or even try out because of it. Also contains 6 stages and 125 parts in total. Launch stage? Guys, submissions that don't follow the rules are making it really tiring for me to make the episodes. Just briefly check your submissions before posting in the future, please. Thanks.
  13. Welcome to the finally re-created official Submission Thread! What is Challenging YouTubers? Challenging YouTubers is the Kerbal Space Program show in which your hosts, HOCgaming and TheMattDennis, take on challenges submitted by you and compete to be the ultimate victor! Whether those challenges involve Orbiting, Flying, Crashing, Burning, Murdering, or Saving the poor Kerbals who un-wittingly signed up as volunteers is up to you! In order to submit a challenge for us, read on. MOST RECENT EPISODE: Making your submission To send us in a challenge, you need to briefly outline it in a reply to this thread. Short 'n' Sweet is the way to go, as we'd rather not read paragraphs of text. Linking to other challenge threads is fine, but it'd be nice to get some challenges especially made for us! If you can set us up a Scenario to do the challenge in that would also be great! Oh, and there's a few guidelines you should follow: The Rules Challenges should... NOT require Mods! - We don't have the time nor (at least in my case) the inclination to install mods specifically for individual challenges! All Stock will also encourage innovation, hopefully. Be Fun - Example: Driving in a straight line for an hour = not fun (unless there's a twist), racing round a track for a few minutes = fun! (should totally be submitted by someone). Be Imaginative - The craziest and most unique challenges are the best! But they also need to be practical, so no "colonise every planet" submissions 'aight? Be Unique - Repeating already posted challenges won't get you anywhere, make sure to check previous posts before replying! Take Less than an Hour To Complete - Some massive projects such as Space Station construction would be sweet, but sadly take up way too much time to be feasible. Smaller, mini-game challenges are what we're looking for. Finally, thanks from both Matt and I for sending in some great suggestions! -Harv