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  1. Amazing work! I tried it and instantly loved having more suns. Finally a legit reason to add MOAR BOOSTERS!
  2. bobcat is it possible for you to add some texture to the mark 2 demv
  3. thats understandable, not going to get anywhere if you don't start somewhere any guess when your going to release kethane 1.0
  4. Kethane 1.0 looks amazing, but the downside to it is that it focuses on mining and refining one kind of material, maybe when its in open source someone will make an alternative material still i have to admit it, MMI's dev team is pioneering in the idea of mining ops in KSP
  5. what is the name of that light mod you used and how do you secure the base to da Mun
  6. thats understandable, developing and marketing takes time and not everybody has that much time to waste
  7. Dani-Sang any hints to when the next update will be released, or that still TBA. love the pack, cant wait for additions Is there any way you could start inter connecting them, at least on a minor level
  8. whats the name of add-on pack you downloaded, that got you the modified LV-T30 liquid booster and TR-18A Stack Decoupler
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