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  1. True, however RCS Build aid does not make updated information available in flight the way KER does and that's what I'm asking about.
  2. Suggestion Many times I've had situations where knowing the RCS Delta V would have been very useful. Is there any chance this can be added Vessel Information in KER?
  3. As it turned out, I had not looked close enough before asking about it because there is a TAC-LS.cfg in the current distribution.::
  4. I guess maybe someone must have. I was just looking through the MKS_0.50.18.0.zip and it turns out there is a TAC-LS.cfg in it's GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS directory. seems I should have looked there first before asking.
  5. Around a year or more back this mod was basically plug n play compatible with TAC Life Support. Is this still the case? I've spent like 20 min searching the thread and haven't seen any mention one way or the other.
  6. HarvesteR I have to admit this comes as something of a surprise but, as many have pointed out, not an unrealistic development. Like many others I kinda just assumed that you'd always be there, always tweaking and adding on to this amazing creation that is KSP. I almost said that I don't know you but really, I do, because I've spent a LOT of time with your game. I cannot do like many and say how many hours of fun and learning that I've gotten out of KSP because I got 0.13.3 after some viewers kept telling me how great it was and that I should check it out. Two weeks later I made my best $18 game investment ever when I bought KSP at 0.16, long before the bean counting of hours on Steam first began. So instead of saying farewell to a stranger I'll say "Fly Safe" to a friend. o7
  7. Pardon me for not being in the habit of using the claw at all. Also I don't recall any mention in changelogs of being able to transfer crew through a claw, especially since it's made to grab on to things, NOT serve as a conduit to transfer personnel through. That seems on the order of expecting me to consider the idea of transferring them through a large pair of pliers, so no, it never occurred to me. And by the way, I DID Post about it in the USI thread before starting this one. Roverdude made it clear that it was a Squad issue and suggested I post here. There was Insufficient time to send another flight with KIS/KAS gear.
  8. I'll admit I didn't think of that one. far better if the "capsule" or whatever they're in was specified IN the contract so it would be possible to just decline it.
  9. Nope. Mine is an early career and the claw is not available. Also I'm using TAC life support... soon as I approach within physics range there is only an hour or two in which to effect rescue or they die because they're out of life support. There is no time to launch another ship with other components to retrieve the entire module.. and I seriously doubt the MK-V Agricultural Module could survive re-entry. and as I said before, this is an early career, cargo bays & such to put it in and de-orbit are still far off. I'm also in the habit of avoiding any use of the claw other than asteroid missions, often not even bothering to unlock it at all. Finally, I posted this thread about contracts being impossible to complete. Your comment complaining about not being able to mark something as debris is, to say the least, irrelevant.
  10. HUH? How is that "worse" than not knowing a contract that is impossible to complete until it is too late for the kerbal stuck in something that has no life support . . . that they cannot EVA out of??
  11. Could the contract system somehow be tweaked to prevent impossible contracts? Specifically I had what appeared to be a standard rescue contract: When I had matched orbits and closed to about 200 meters I switched to the other vessel to EVA the kerbal and have him fly over to the rescue ship. standard procedure for this type of thing. Except that in this case, the Kerbal was in a MK-V Agricultural Module (from USI Kolonization Systems), which by itself does not have a hatch from which the kerbal can EVA or a docking port that a ship could dock with for crew transfer. This, combined with the fact that I use TAC life support means that the stranded kerbal is guaranteed to die because as soon as I entered physics range the clock starts ticking on the fact that they have no life support. A simple test "does the part have an EVA hatch?", could be used to insure such impossible contracts are avoided. . P
  12. Thanks for the progress update! Looking forward to the update.
  13. The "hack gravity" item on the ALT+F12 menu is often very handy for testing designs but it's usefulness could be expanded by including options to set the gravity to what you would encounter on other bodies. This would be especially useful for designs intended for Eve and Tylo
  14. Thanks for that. should have looked there first but i'm having an "off' day.
  15. A few versions back I remember a setting that would allow KER function without having the part on a ship. Is this still possible in the 1.1 version? if so, how?