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  1. I've an issue with the nuclear ramjet. If I have any fuel tanks on board whatsoever, even if they're emptied before the flight, then the ramjets will go to liquid fuel mode and can't be changed back to atmospheric. Everything works fine if I just don't have any fuel tanks on board though. Is there something I'm missing?
  2. Charzy

    Small-Scale Coilgun

    The challenge is not in powering the thing, it's in programming a microcontroller to switch the coils (of which you should have several, separate) as the projectile passes through the barrel. You want each coil to be on when the projectile is before it and off after the projectile reaches it.
  3. Charzy

    When space begin ? 80 km or 100 km

    Because it's not a vacuum. The air gets thinner and thinner, and for most purposes it may as well be vacuum, but there's still a lot of molecules up there, waiting for satellites to hit them and slow down.
  4. Charzy

    Model Rocketry Discussion Thread

    Why would you use liquid fuel? Most smaller rocket motors run on black powder, and the larger ones tend to be Ammonium Perchlorate composites.
  5. Charzy

    Why is /r/kerbalspaceprogram private ?

    The fact that you all are inconvenienced by this is literally the entire point of a strike. It forces the management (in this case, the Reddit administration) to act. Not only that, but the strike was voted on and supported by the majority of users of the subreddit. The Reddit admins will have been forced to increase communication with the moderators of large subreddits (which was the goal of the strike) and that will improve everything for everybody. If you read the front page of Reddit, you'll see that the admins are already responding and are struggling to bring everything back together. This strike has had an effect. In short, stop complaining. You've been slightly inconvenienced so that the mods of the subreddit can give you better service from this point on.
  6. Charzy

    Why is /r/kerbalspaceprogram private ?

    It's down because the majority of the people on the KSP subreddit voted to have it down as a protest over the firing of Victoria, a Reddit admin who handled AMAs.
  7. Higher altitudes should give fewer points, since they give you far more time to make the dock.
  8. Charzy

    Earth Is Flat

    Sounds like a fact.
  9. Charzy

    Earth Is Flat

    Why is that your opinion?
  10. The first reaction you're talking about is just sweat. Go ahead and drink a large mug of hot tea as fast as you can without burning yourself. When you're done, you'll start feeling cool within a minute or two because you'll be sweating a lot.
  11. Charzy

    Radiators useful?

    Pretty much.
  12. Charzy

    PS4 Announcement Discussion

    I don't think anybody has a problem with more people getting to play KSP. The issue is that nobody can see how the PS4 can handle a game like KSP what with all of its controls and the fact that it stutters even on fairly high-end desktops with enough parts, and they're worried about whether or not the development of the PS4 version is going to hinder the development of the PC version.
  13. Charzy

    How to Encounter a UFO

    Just remember everybody, just because you can't identify something doesn't mean that it's aliens. If you actually see aliens, then you get to tell everybody that you've seen aliens. You don't get to tell everybody that you've seen aliens just because you saw a thing in the sky that you can't tell what it is.
  14. Two orders of magnitude.
  15. Charzy

    Is MechJeb Real?

    Whether or not Mechjeb is fun for you is dependent on what type of game you think KSP is. If you think it's a game about flying rockets to other planets, then you probably shouldn't use it very much because it'll get rid of a lot of the fun stuff. If you think it's a game about engineering rockets to fly to other planets, then you'll probably find that Mechjeb gets rid of a lot of the boring stuff. I personally prefer the engineering side of the game, so I'll use Mechjeb to avoid having to, for example, turn to a maneuver node and burn, because I think that's boring. Landing, docking and atmospheric flight is actually interesting, though, so I tend to do that on my own.