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  1. Just use the capitals as an indicator of where the syllable ends. So it's Buh-Igfuh-Ats-Toopiduh-Ed. Simple!
  2. No problem! I was surprised it wasn't here because you commented extensively in the thread. On the other hand, you are very active on the forum, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised you overlooked something you helped out with. I just edited my playlist to include these tracks and now, even with reverting back to SoundtrackEditors included original playlist, I have no ingame playlists. Something odd is happening. I'll dig up my logs and attach them. It's a pathing error. Somehow. Not sure how that happened!
  3. I'm surprised you don't have the Original Score Project linked on the front page.
  4. This mod sounds extremely exciting, and I look forward to its further development! I have wanted realistic ANY weather patterns to exist in KSP for the longest time, and so thank you for bringing it to us!
  5. Once you get used to using propellers like Vanamonde has suggested (be sure to have your propeller DEPLOYED!), you can start using a more advanced method to control them. Assign one of the three "translate" action groups to control the propellers pitch, and you can have a great deal more control over your speed without touching the throttle!
  6. You obviously have it facing backward. <Insert drag-racing car gif here>
  7. Well, first try installing ONLY Kopernicus and it's dependancies on an otherwise pure stock game. DId it work? If so, grab a well-known planet pack and add that. OPM is a classic. Did it work? If so, add your other mods a few at a time until everything is loaded. Any time you get an error, come here, post about it and we'll try to help. If everything works, hurray! Have fun!
  8. I've often had ideas of doing this - science contracts as the only way to earn science. The contracts would also be more long-term, like "Set up a science station with power, communication, and a goo pod at the north pole and maintain stability for three months." But I try not to make mods for KSP because I -will- lose myself to it. And I'd rather play.
  9. Not really? It -seems- wrong, but it isn't. The HUGE dragginess of the onion module is compounded by how far away it is from the center of mass - the long neck will work as a lever arm the moment your rocket isn't flying true. The only luck I've had with those pods is burying them in fairings or putting them at or behind the center of mass. Some interesting designs have resulted!
  10. That command pod is a big problem. The Onion series have massive drag and cause all sorts of rocket flipping. If you were to put any MkX pod or cockpit on there, I'd expect your rocket would fly straight.
  11. Awww this saddens me and gladdens me. Things were not always what they are today, and they do not need to be what they are!
  12. Be careful as well! The Kopernicus you need to use in 1.10.1 is HERE. The normal MAIN branch of Kopernicus is for 1.9.1 only, and will never work on higher versions.
  13. Maybe, maybe not. I get a fair amount of mystery crashes as well but I'm running on Linux and I don't use Steam. My computer is full of ghosts.
  14. Try uploading it to KerbalX.com " KerbalX is its own stand-alone website and sharing platform for KSP ships, and it can host your craft files for you, as well as show the list of mods needed for the craft to function, part count and other important stats."
  15. Have you built a working helicopter yet? There's some good tutorials for that kicking around the forum. Also, try downloading a working helicopter to dissect. Once you have the basic principles down, a quadcopter isn't any more difficult to make than a helicopter.
  16. If you don't mind using ModuleManager, it shouldn't be too difficult to add some ablator to all aerodynamic parts... default it to empty and it would probably work pretty well.
  17. Nice update. Thanks for keeping the mod up to date!
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