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  1. 3 hours ago, dok_377 said:

    Well, there's your answer. They fixed something about robotics symmetry in 1.8 and that must be a byproduct of this change. You can file a bug report here:
    You can copy the log file from the game folder and attach it directly to the report. 

    I can't figure out what triggers it. First time I used the VAB, gizmos were broken, then worked properly for a while after reloading the game before breaking again, and then I couldn't get them to break at all. Intermittent errors are the best.

  2. 5 hours ago, dok_377 said:

    I will see if it will happen again on my end. For now I'm not experiencing it anymore, god knows for what reason. Try to check the console for errors (alt+f12) when it happens again, it could be useful. 

    It seems to be throwing a huge fit about nullrefs with the rotation servos. Something about checksymmetry. Is there a way to copy the console output?

    ...maybe the log? I need more coffee.

    [EXC 14:49:42.487] NullReferenceException
    	Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.CheckSymmetry () (at <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0)
    	Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.OnEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) (at <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0)
    	EventData`2[T,U].Fire (T data0, U data1) (at <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0)
    	EventData`2:Fire(ConstructionEventType, Part)
    	EditorGizmos.GizmoOffset:OnHandleMove(GizmoOffsetHandle, Vector3, Single)
    [ERR 14:49:42.488] Exception handling event onEditorPartEvent in class ModuleRoboticRotationServo:System.NullReferenceException
      at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component.get_transform(UnityEngine.Component)
      at Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.CheckSymmetry () [0x00068] in <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0 
      at Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.OnEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) [0x00085] in <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0 
      at EventData`2[T,U].Fire (T data0, U data1) [0x000b0] in <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0 

    So about a dozen of these each time I try to pull or rotate something with a gizmo.

  3. 6 hours ago, dok_377 said:

    Can confirm, seeing it too. But it's not present in the stock game, some mod is doing this. 


    And I have all the animations turned off in the editor as well.

    I am running a stock game, but I have both expansions installed. Maybe something in one of them?

    7 hours ago, 5thHorseman said:

    I cannot. I fiddled quite a bit with the move widget (no rotation) when building a ship and there was no slowdown.

    I have all the extra VAB animations (Kerbals and cars and whatnot) turned off, maybe that's it?

    That might be it. I have everything on.


  4. 5 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    Ummm, I don't see anything on Github, either in my repo or the original repo.

    There is no need to go to Github, just post the links here to the files.

    Also, which version of KSP and Kopernicus are you running?

    I probably messed up somewhere. Here's the logs. The test was done with Kopernicus 1.7.3-2 and KSP 1.7.3

  5. @linuxgurugamer: After many trials and tribulations, I've invited you on github to take a look at the two logs; one with Kopernicus and one without. Man, I don't post any files for a few months and everything just blows up when I try to use it. :(

    I still see the same situation - a clean install of KSP with Planetary Diversity and Kopernicus never proceeds past 0% when generating scaled space, whereas it works correctly without Kopernicus.

    Thanks for fixing the links!

  6. How long should it take to generate the ScaledSpace? I started a new game, left for a while, and it was still at 1/15 at 0%.

    I'll try it again and see if it repeats itself.


    edit: It is Kopernicus that is preventing the generation of the planets. It may work to install Kopernicus afterwards.


    edit: also, your links for the source and download currently link to the wrong repositories.

  7. 6 hours ago, klgraham1013 said:

    Luckily for you, I can see the future.  I suggest donning your aviators and honing your acrobatic aviation!  Pilot Wings: New Adventures for the Nintendo Super Switch is coming in 2021!  Build your whirligig flyers with a plethora of parts!  Race in high stakes competitive competitions and reach the top of the charts!  Your rivals are close behind!  Can you solve the conspiracy that lurks behind the famed international tournament!?  What darkness hides in the hidden depths!?  Take arms my friend!  Battle the Kraken Army in Pilot Wings: New Adventurers 2: The Darkening coming in 2023!  Mount an arsenal of tentacle killing bullet flingers to your faithful flyers!  Bombs ahoy in this thrilling, high stakes escapade from the wild jungles of Cambodia to the Egyptian pyramids!  Only you and your rag tag team can thwart the evil menace in Pilot Wings: New Adventures 3: This Time It's Personal coming in 2025!

    I could seriously see myself playing that.

  8. So I've been keeping an eye on this - I'm wanting to try some colonization for some time and despite having installed MKS a number of times, I've never actually USED MKS - and I like how this sounds. Could you add a list of mods required, and supported, to the OP? I see EPL is supported, but you also mention other parts from other mods and I'm not sure which are where? Also, big thanks on the HowTo; it does a good job.