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  1. Does this have the capability to delete specific parts entirely? I would find that quite useful.
  2. Have you checked out Using-sound-effects-in-the-new-system-MOSTLY-SOLVED? It may have what you need. I always add the Chatterer plugin into my command pods config.
  3. Snjo (of Firespitter) is also having problems with custom sounds for his engines since 0.20. Seems like no sound is not a problem coming from this mod, or how you installed it.
  4. Another cool mod, SasquatchM. You should link to it on the Firespitter thread; I think Snjo would like to see how his plugin is being used by other people!
  5. Definitely looking forward to the conversion, Snjo. Jeb still has to finish blimping around Duna!
  6. In a very basic form, to leave here, we need to go someplace that is not-here. So, to escape the universe, we need to go somewhere that is not-the-universe. So, to find a way to leave the universe, it's sort of important to figure out where we're leaving TO.
  7. To be completely fair, KSP is a non-relativistic physics simulator, with ships that routinely break (our) speed of light. Maybe in the Kerbalverse communication truly is instantaneous.
  8. Be careful, the inner tanks will APPEAR to decrease before this point, but should be full when clicked on and when the outer stages are ejected.
  9. Looks really good so far. Does the drag on the intake change as it closes up?
  10. Sex is quite an embarrassing subject for biologists, because we don't know why it evolved, and more importantly, we don't know why it is maintained. Sexual reproduction is a massive cost to the organism because they not only need to find mates, but half of their offspring (males) do not directly contribute to growing the population. There are theories on why sex is maintained based on who you talk to. For example, parasitologists will point you to immunological models showing that more genetically diverse populations have greater resistance to, and smaller loads of parasites. As for the mushrooms, they're known as mating types, rather than sexes.
  11. Unfortunately, those parts are from an older version of KAS. You'll have to find the previous version of KAS to get it to work. Actually, if you are comfortable with modding, you could just rename some parts and make it work that way.
  12. Glad to find this again! You're doing something pretty cool here.
  13. I've been keeping an eye on this ever since your original experiments so many months ago. I'm very excited for the release!
  14. Firespitter is the active airplane mod. There's some pretty fancy stuff in there!
  15. I would love it if you could add a drum that rotates around a stationary cylinder. Maybe with the central cylinder in the standard 1m size?
  16. Fantastic! I've been waiting for generic part compatibility! Good work!