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  1. Absolutely good with that. I missed making a .cfg for the dry workshop. Here's one now. @PART[TIdryworkshop]:NEEDS[Snacks]:AFTER[Snacks] { !RESOURCE[Snacks]{} RESOURCE { name = Snacks amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } } Snacks.cfg can be downloaded on my Github. Just drop it into the Tokamak directory.
  2. I whipped together a life support MM config for Snacks! @PART[TIinflato1]:NEEDS[Snacks]:AFTER[Snacks] { !RESOURCE[Snacks]{} RESOURCE { name = Snacks amount = 500 maxAmount = 500 } } @PART[TIinflato2]:NEEDS[Snacks]:AFTER[Snacks] { !RESOURCE[Snacks]{} RESOURCE { name = Snacks amount = 380 maxAmount = 380 } } @PART[TIinflatoFlat]:NEEDS[Snacks]:AFTER[Snacks] { !RESOURCE[Snacks]{} RESOURCE { name = Snacks amount = 50 maxAmount = 50 } } The numbers are entirely made up and probably need adjusting.
  3. I used MechJeb when I first started flying, because I knew nothing on how to fly rockets. It helped me learn a lot in those early days, but I don't need it any more. Recently, I had been using Gravity Turn to teach me more about that very specific manoeuvre. Both are wonderful teaching tools, and I would readily recommend both to someone learning to fly.
  4. This sounds pretty interesting. The link suggests that ISP is on par with SRBs, so I'm not following how it can be used as an ion thruster.
  5. I like using my rockets to to fly my planes to far off planets, where I fly them. In fact, one of my very first missions was to fly on Duna. KSP could use more exo-plane parts.
  6. This looks very nice! Is there a way to set internal tanks to a given ratio? (ie: if I want a tank with 3 parts Liquidfuel to 1.4 parts oxidizer)
  7. Quite nice. The only thing I would change is to have what data is displayed be configurable. (For example, I don't foresee that I ever would be interested in the coordinates, and would rather turn them off.)
  8. Hey @RoverDude, I suggest you add a small data transmitter to the avionics package. It can not be launched in a game where signal is required for probe control, and the first antenna piece is in a later research node.
  9. Maybe add greeble from an old-style microwave oven? A rotary analog timing dial and oven door...
  10. Maybe put some warning labels on it? "Warning! Contains Dark Magic!" "This end up." with a double headed arrow. I guess serious warning labels would work too.
  11. For inspiration on how to make Explodium exist only as an oceanic resource, as well as some neat pumps, you should check out Karbonite.
  12. Well done! Radar altimeter should have been accessible outside of IVA in the first place.
  13. Nice, thanks! And thank you, @linuxgurugamer, for poking the appropriate people!
  14. If you do revive it, consider adding abort actions on loss of signal. I would love my rovers to put on the breaks when I lose control of them.
  15. Ok, so a 1:1 polar geosync orbit will still have an altitude of ~2886750m. Thanks! I'd never heard of the Tundra orbit before, but I do use Molniya orbits. Good stuff.
  16. Hey folks, I want to set up a polar satellite that revolves at the same speed as Kerbin, so that it is always passing over the same parts of Kerbin. How do I set this up?
  17. in the same vein as my last suggestion, Mission-Based-R&D also changes the way parts are unlocked. Science? We don't need no stinking science!
  18. @5thHorseman, a quick poke to say Contract Configurator has updated. I'd love to give this a try, if you'd put up the download link?