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  1. Dear Majiir and Taniwha, first of all I'm shocked! I thought I was being nice and being helpful. 2nd, sorry about the extralaunchcenters.cfg, I'll rewrite it, I was well tired last night. 3rd, that is NOT a reskin of the 2m convereter, it is a new model, but it does look strikingly similar, I shall come up with a new animation that looks totally different at once. The animation isn't even heatsinkanim, it's Default Take. I heeded Majiir's words very carefully and he said as long as it was a new model, new animation, new texture, it was fine as long as I didn't include any kethane parts or .dlls in the release. 4th. How do you plan on making the smelter "useless" on mun and minmus? 5th. With regard to the densities, I'm using the densities of liquid CO and liquid CO2 and I made that number in the resources appropriately proportional to your density figures. 6th, aren't you at least impressed with the math I did in the .cfg so that I proved it's possible to have multi input multi output and the ship maintains consistent mass? 7th. Are you going to go ballistic if I re-do the auger?
  2. Someone had ideas to use Carbon Monoxide to smelt the ore into metal, I've solved 2/3 problems, I've made the smelter now take Carbon monoxide in and ore in to give Carbon Dioxide out and Metal out. (Radial CO and (industrial)CO2 tanks included). I've got a boudouard reactor that takes carbon in (Carbon hex can included), industrial CO2 in to give Carbon Monoxide back out again. Here's a little screenshot Don't worry about license or anything I'm offering this free toward the project I'm sure Skycooler would have wanted it. Tomorrow I'll work on the smelter's aesthetics and get the auger animated. DOWNLOAD LaunchpadsCARBON: https://www./?939vckb4u11ld99
  3. Alpha 6 released: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/biodomealpha42/ ENJOY, please send me bug feedback reports ASAP.
  4. NoMrBond, OK, I've made it run a lot better with the model nodes, but now I've split the dome up into tiles, windows, pipes, hydroponics, dancefoor etc.... how do I now reference that separate model in code? I used to use the code: Transform Dancefloor = base.transform.FindChild("Dancefloor").FindChild("Dancefloor"); but that leads to a null reference, any ideas how to in code reference that model node within the .cfg file? here's the proto code for the new dome which runs faster: ublic void FixedUpdate() { if (!HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsFlight) return; //if the scene isn't a flight... don't bother with the code. added to get rid of errors in sph. { if (Dancestart == true) { Dancestarttime = Planetarium.GetUniversalTime(); Dancestate = 1; Dancestart = false; } Dancetime = Planetarium.GetUniversalTime() - Dancestarttime; Transform Dancefloor = base.transform.FindChild("Dancefloor").FindChild("Dancefloor"); if (Lightswitch == true) { if (Dancestate == 1) { Vector2 c = new Vector2(-0.016f, 0); if (Dancetime > 0.5) { TVnextframe(Dancefloor, c); Dancestate++; } } if (Dancestate == 2) { Vector2 c = new Vector2(-0.032f, 0); if (Dancetime > 1) { TVnextframe(Dancefloor, c); Dancestate++; } } if (Dancestate == 3) { Vector2 c = new Vector2(0, 0); if (Dancetime > 1.5) { TVnextframe(Dancefloor, c); Dancestart = true; } } } } } private void grow(Transform a, Vector2 { a.renderer.material.mainTextureOffset = b; } private void TVnextframe(Transform a, Vector2 { a.renderer.material.mainTextureOffset = b; a.renderer.material.SetTextureOffset("_Emissive", ; } } but now in my .cfg file I have //dancefloor MODEL { model = SolarNRG/Parts/Structural/Biodomezero/Dancefloor position = -14.6, -19.4, -30.0 rotation = 0, 0.0, 0 scale = 1, 1, 1 parent = Biodomezero } //end of dancefloor How do I link the two any ideas?
  5. NoMr.Bond: Please elaborate with the MODEL{} sounds intriguing. On the same note, any ideas how to put two animations into the same part and call each animation separately? Hydran: Yes sorry, the old ramp worked perfect but then for a while we had no damned robotics, now magic smoke has reappeared but I couldn't get my own custom .mu's to behave the same way I could do all those things with .dae. (Boy I had so much fun with the red dwarf airlock, biodome 1's vtol bay doors, the first biodome2 elevator). I made a spur of the moment animation to look cool, I'm working on a z shaped 3 phase one so the door goes ______¬¬¬¬¬¬'''''''''O instead, and folds up a ºZ shape Ascii art, fun eh? Liath: Wait til alpha 6, the giant solar fins will slow you right down. also have a look at where you're landing and try not to land on ridges! peeks of hills and bottoms of craters are best. Bigred: half throttle m8 Other guy with teh dragon emblem, can't remember your name, yeah there's plans to do do a disaster scenario where you have to fight your way to the launchbay when the bacteria labs mutate the kerbals into zombies and you have to find the keycard and solve a load of puzzles then right at the end this giant space krakken monster awakes and charges towards the ship and you've got a timer to get out of there before one of the tentacles smashes the domewall.
  6. Excuse me please: I'm trying to hack kethane converter so it can take in multiple input resources and multiple output resources, your part.cfg seems to only have sourceresource and targetresource (albeit powerconsumption too) I'm trying to make a ore-->fertilizer-->plants-->food mod so I can bake a pizza on the moon. Please can you explain how the converter code works? Here's a screenshot of all the resources I have: http://i.imgur.com/ghxGzWP.jpg I don't understand what references sourceresource and targetresource in the source code, there are no references to it anywhere in the .cfg nor in the .cs file here: https://github.com/Majiir/Kethane/blob/master/Plugin/KethaneController.cs Help? Seems Interplanetary launchpads ran into the same problem with the smelter.
  7. Working on an experimental balance between lower polygon than the 1st biodome, and fewer material count than the 2nd biodome, reskinning EVERYTHING again, tell me what you think of this 10 UV tile maps in one texture approach:
  8. Biodome Alpha 5 is coming along nicely, however I'm getting chug chug issues, this time the dome is 1/10th the polygon count of Biodome 1 alpha 11 but the folder is bigger mainly because I'm using a lot of huge textures and I've been exercising my ability to do tiled alphamaps instead of repeated bitmaps. I think I prioritized fewer polies so much I'm now trying to work on a balance between a dome that doesn't have too many polies yet doesn't use up massive textures. The canola, palm trees are all using 2048x2048 textures because they grow, there are 64 256x256 images of each of them at different lifestages: There's also a playing movie in the dome: that's another 64 256x256 frames. But I redid the arches to look better too: Any ideas to optimize it and make it run better please let us know, I want growign plants but ones that aren't either going to hog a tonne of polies or megs upon megs of bitmaps.?? I'm not releasing alpha 5 until I can get the framerate to AT LEAST 10fps even on my quad core, too chuggy otherwise, I'm reducing the res of a lot of the rest of the dome to compensate, every megabyte shaved is a few less fps loss.
  9. No, thanks to one of my most useful parts I ever invented which is the Oreholster, and I've done a really good reskin and made her a bit longer, this part is the blue arm thing. I made a rotortron oreholster too but DR/magic smoke doesn't like no node colliders with .dae, not sure how to do .mu damned robotics. Anyway I digress, the oreholster you can attach to any surface and you can stack a fuel tank or a decoulper onto it and it's mega strong! just stack fueltanks and kethane modules or whatever around the outside of the VTOL column until your yellow centre of mass is directly above the dot of the VTOL elevator and you won't have any imbalance instabilities. BTW, I am working on two rovers, one a harvester that goes around the inside of the dome that mows the plants automatically and a pilotable mining machine that extracts the moonrock to bacteria feed which then turns it into potash, phosphate, nitrate, ice(water) to feed into the hydroponics which the granola seed turns into fuel and all the plants produce oxidizer by way of a LOX freezer/compressor module. Much slower at making fuel than kethane, but can generate fuel from rock and sunlight using bio-technology. 1. Cause the airlockshrouds were too low, I made them higher in blender, doesn't seem to have that problem anymore. 2. melons used to be separate objects, are now all intrinsically embedded into the biodome part. Big ships take ages to steer, be patient with her, don't throttle up quite so much, only go 1/3rd throttle. Please have a look at the latest updates I've made to the biodome skip to 3:20 ish if you want a demo of the new granola plants. ENJOY, expect Biodome 2 Alpha 5 to be released soonish.THANKS FOR THE ALPHA TESTING AND BUG-REPORTING GUYS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
  10. Just updated the dome, here's the airlock cycle part for it, all tested and working on the MUN: DOWNLOAD UPDATE: http://www./?99m1pmh2kz91h9p
  11. Thanks for your support! Let me know what you'd me to add to the dome or any bugs you find. I'll get to work on some more plants straight away! Won't I need to modify zoxygene for the CO2->O2 conversion? I'll work on the "plant melons" bit of it once I have more than one growable, non space police enforceable plants to chop and change. 19 floors including the top landing deck currently although there is space for a 19th/20th above the bridge for an officers bar or something I haven't yet modelled, spent the whole of these past two weeks just getting dome up to 0.21. I nearly got banned for some of the stuff I was coming out with, besides Megan's been flushed out the airlock, she sold the fusion reactor to a merchant captain for contraband and all her pals consumed the last dome's crop, so we're planting melons this season instead. That flipdoor I did at the last minute because damned robotics or magic smoke works but .dae files have no node collider so I was like "what the hell, I'll do an animated one instead" and it's better than the last ramp by far. Added to spaceport here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/biodomealpha42/ Done!
  12. Thanks, btw I'm back with my daughter now, feeling a lot better. Any suggestions for what other plants you'd like to see?
  13. Download: License and Source included: http://www./?8bbwoqeldgb8wmh Spaceport URL: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/biodomealpha42/ 03/09/13 Now features solar truss, growing plants, flashing dancefloor, runs a bit better, TV images, hologram, toilets, ladders on grills. Please give bug feedback reports. BTW, I got halfway through doing a MODEL {} one that ran a bit better but I'm not releasing it because I am as of today street homeless. Please give donations to all my hard work I have spent on this dome in the past year to my paypal account at: [email protected] I wish all my followers and friends all the best. Peace out. I may work some more on it when I have somewhere to live again and my PC is shipped to me wherever that is. This will be the final release for now, an entire year of my life spent on this. 29/08/13 Screenshots of the soon to be released Biodome 2 alpha 6 I haven't gone away, I've just been very hard at work making this dream of an off world eco-system possible. All the stairwells are grab-able on both sides. All plants now grow, nothing stagnates. Plants currently auto-regenerate, but plans are to make them stop growing and dying when insufficient food is given. The Polywell fusion reactor is back, and this mod will piss all over kethane and interplanetary once I suss out multiple input multiple output resource manipulation by modifying the kethane converter source code. Water will become H20 and D20 (Heavy water), the ammonia will become nitrite then nitrate, with the aid of the (not yet implemented bacteria lab), the Potassium compounds will become KNO3 and when you combine Potash, phosphate, nitrate, h20 and CO2 you get Melons, bananas, granola and corn (more plants underway) Behold the almighty solar array/heat shield, having problems crashing (out of memory) because there are generations of animation on each fin,, working on reducing that number to maybe 2 or 3 per fin to reduce chug. And this is when she's open. In the meantime, you're more than welcome to download alpha 5, but stay chooned for the latest installment of the flying greenhouse! 06/08/13 Biodome 2 Alpha 5 released: DOWNLOAD BIODOME ALPHA 5 HERE: http://www./download/bvqn26f2459dloe/Biodome2alpha5.zip 30/07/13 Biodome 2 Alpha 4.1: http://www./?99m1pmh2kz91h9p new part features: animated airlock cycle! 29/07/13 Old version Alpha 4.0 http://www./?19jkac84rd7pn7b Flies to the moon, working pressurized VTOL Bay Hangar elevator, automated cycling airlock, automated flipdown door, Watermelon plants that grow from seedling to death and automatically replant themselves (source code available at: http://pastebin.com/Z4w74tcZ ) And here's a video of the dome on the moon growing some food for a long duration stay! www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aOPogW-iV0 Here are some screenshots as requested: Kerbal comes out of the ramp showing the dome in all its glory: The pressurized VTOL bay lift coming down: The lift/elevator takes you all the way to the top! What a view: Here's the plants after about 20 days: And the same plants after about 40 days: Here's the new airlock cycle as of v alpha 4.1
  14. Done some more bumpmaps, windows all work good now, no kerbal flying out the dome no more:
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