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  1. Check his github commits: https://github.com/godarklight/DarkMultiPlayer/commits/master
  2. Any chance of this updating? It's working...but barely. Sound is on the fritz...plus the conflict with HotRockets... I'd hate to see this mod left in the dust when it enhances the atmosphere (heh) of the game so much. Sound is one of the most neglected parts of KSP.
  3. I can't speak for squad or unity with respect to 64-bit issues, but DMP is now compiled on the AnyCPU setting, so it shouldn't matter whether you use 32 or 64 bit (It didn't really matter anyway, it worked fine as a 32bit assembly). I've developed DMP exclusively on linux 64, although RockyTV/JoshBlake have taken care of a few windows specific things . Oh yeah I'm aware, I just speaking on the (like you said) fact that Squad packages up 64-bit separate from 32-bit in Windows unlike the linux version. However, I wouldn't say the stacktrace is totally useless. It can give valuable insight into the state of KSP within memory at the time of the crash. For the most part though it doesn't really help one determine the direct cause but it does give context. Just IMO as a nooby coder of course. I've been sifting through hundreds of crash logs getting my server mod package stable (and it finally is) which was actually quite a bit of fun. I will try to come with a list at some point but it is easily over 50 mods running on DMP with very few problems.
  4. It's a separate file because Squad didn't really make their own. They basically just packaged up and (barely) stabilized the "hack" 64bit that everyone was trying out anyway. You still get 67% of the same crashes relating to memory/UI/audio interface read errors, it's the same 64 bit unity exe with some code revisions. Squad doesn't seem to have any real experience in core engine work, which is why they basically just put out what the unity team has for them. (Not that I'm trying to dig on them or anything, just an observation)
  5. You downloaded the dmpupdater and used that? That's your problem I think. That's for the release build not the dev. Why would download the up-to-date dev builds, install them and THEN use the updater? You probably downloaded the release build with the updater and that is only for version .23.5. Not only am I running the .24 dev build...but I'm also running like 40 mods, fairly stable with 4-5 players at times. Synchronization in general is not the greatest though right now. Most parts do not show their active states on the vessel of another player, movement is jaggy, and 200+ part ships leaving the safety bubble cause freezes every few seconds till they are out of atmosphere...but I'm not complaining. It's awesome. Especially considering how lightweight darklight's code is, but then again...it might need to gain a few pounds to deal with these issues
  6. Not experiencing any of these issues. In fact, the latest dev build has been the most stable one yet on .24 since the persistent.sfs isn't being accidentally used anymore.
  7. Why not instead just rebuild MessageWriter.dll as x64? That's what I did, works fine.
  8. Will do when I can. I've been compiling a large amount of mods that I'm trying to get working stable together in SP/MP for my group. I'd rather not send anything until I know it's not something I crapped up and/or clientside error from one of the mods specifically. The sync error was on the last Dev build (just moved to your new one) and was only reproduced once with one of my users. Deleting his research/kethanedata fixed the issue and I manually restored it from there. I'll give you the logs/files I can get on it if it pops up again.
  9. Well actually, that's not all it can be. Through lot's of testing with my clans server, it seems sometimes when a user's game crashes their scenario data can become corrupt. Whether it's research, progressdata, kethane or any other entry that is within, sometimes the formats can F-up and the player will get a "Connection ended: Unhandled error while syncing!" error until the admin either deletes the effected files or replaces them with backups. Not saying that is necessarily what these guys issue, but try not to make sure-fire statements unless you know the full context of the problem. It would have been better to simply ask for more information from rafael or bythehand than just telling them to search the forum.
  10. Patience, this type of project is not something easy and will probably take them quite a while to even get the fundamentals complete, so we will hear from them when they get the chance.
  11. Lol, I hope you guys are prepared for a lot of that. Comes with any mod that people get really excited for...they wantz it now. With that good luck and hope to see something soon(ish)
  12. Thanks for responding, very cool. As for everyone on the server having the same mod, you could go the Minecraft route and have a sort of checklist server side (for Minecraft though, the mods HAD to be installed server side to work at all in MP, not entirely the case for KSP I suppose but that depends how you're server setup is built) that checks anyone who joins against it, denying them on join if they don't have all the required mods.
  13. KSP may not be designed for war but that's why we have mods So PVP is staying in my list of hopefuls for this project or other projects that might come after. It's up there with Spore-like civilization building in different star systems (for multiplayer at least, SP can stay just Kerbin) On a side note: Do you guys have any idea's on maybe bridging architecture/features with Kerbal Live Feed. I don't mean taking code necessarily (because that's in all probability impossible) but things like an active player listing with location details (what they are flying/building/crashing) as well as orbital map information? While I believe things would be low priority for you now I think they could be cool things to help flesh out the multiplayer. Also I would like to second the question about how you think mods would fair with L.O.G. as I believe that is something that is hugely important.
  14. You should help em out then I would myself if I could but I'm only two courses into programming (C# and Java) and don't have any experience doing networked code yet.
  15. Thanks for your config and re-upload, I appreciate it. My intent was to see what other people did with it anyway, like what you did here. I didn't really care to do anything else with it after the stupid reactions I got from some people (which were kind of repeated here). This forum is filled with a lot of cynical, close minded people in my opinion.
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