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  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! :D :D :D :D i loved this modpack, and now i can have it again!! )
  2. bman2232

    Google picture war!

    good luck.
  3. bman2232

    Google picture war!

    i kill u all EDIT: its an EMP Grenade for the clueless
  4. bman2232

    Space Factory

    im not saying all modders who make Soviet vehicles "must" be dependant on Bobcats pack, but in this case of a replica N-1, it seems reasonable that it would be. its a shame none of the N-1 rockets actually worked...
  5. bman2232

    Space Factory

    the N-1 is a Soviet Union launch vehicle. why wouldn't it be dependent? someone didnt do their research...
  6. i was hoping to have it on the actual flight, but i wont actually use it to fly anything. just for the data
  7. Name: bman2232 World Preference: Duna (cause i love mars, so:cool:. sometimes like the Mun, but thats to mainstream). Character Name: Bman Kerman Resume: LOVE landing rovers. also like setting up bases. likes getting challenges EDIT: i like to use Mechjeb, but mainly for information and landing predictions
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    Google picture war!

  9. Once he gets into Orbit, tell them they're half way to anywhere that'll brighten their day
  10. bman2232

    Rareden's Projects

    Good job. could you possibly make this into a downloadable 'texture' pack for KSP? ID LOVE IT XD XD XD XD XD
  11. Here is the Craft file for the Shutll-er: thnakyou again, Btech Industries
  12. Hi, im bman2232, founder of BTech Industries... Here at BTech Industries, we pride ourselves at helping people get places. so today i present to you... The Shuttl-er! The Shuttl-er weighs in at a mere 27.69 tons with only 34 parts!!! it has a cosy hitchikers storage container kept warm by 4 RTG's ( they also power this shuttle). the Shuttl-er also comes with landing lights and a docking light (for those dark situations). Some Action Groups: 1- toggle ladders 2- toggle landing lights 3- toggle docking light 4- toggle docking shield Here are some pictures of the Shuttl-er: On the Launch Pad: On the Launch Pad at Night: Some Cinematic Screenshots: thanks for viewing, and we'll see you next time
  13. bman2232

    [0.22] Extraplanetary Launchpads Legacy Thread

    i've always wanted this, but i thought of it as you choose where to launch, and there was a proper space center on every planet and moon. but otherwise good job.