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  1. dont remove it learn to fix it!
  2. doh! i forgot! anyway when it launches it swings wildly from side to side (i use Mechjeb) so the rocket doesnt RUD but it does get pushed away from it
  3. also is it just me or are these misaligned so using the launch pad causes an RUD as soon as i decouple
  4. this is odd the first stage attachment points are missing (or maybe im an idiot and their attached radially ) pord
  5. *screams* are there any plans to make it work with RO? it comes with configs do they not work?
  6. oh well could you perhaps make a blueprint so that i know how to build it properly?
  7. so i found an issue, you cant open the craft files in RO their incompattable im running KSP 1.3.1 which has the most recent version of RO
  8. finally i can start my soviet play-through! you have no idea how happy i am to see this out again!
  9. is there any chance of updating the Energia and Buran? i really wanna use it for a 1.3.1 RO game im doing
  10. i actually need this for a soviet play-through im doing in RO, besides the energia and buran are amazing rockets (esp the energia)
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