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  1. Okay, been a long time, but I've essentially removed the previous license, and 'formally' discontinued this. Apologies for taking so long. I feel bad enough bumping this thread to the front when there's nothing new, but it seems others have been doing that anyways. I kept thinking I was going to get back to this, but clearly not. I don't have any of the unity files anymore, but I don't know if those are needed to update to the current version. I haven't played in awhile. Anyways, hope someone can make use of this license change. At the very least it's not holding anyone back now.
  2. You could try removing the BackLight,FrontLight stuff, as that isn't supposed to be there. I'm not really sure what else to do. There must be some special thing in Unity that it needs. The new version is uploaded, and hopefully is bug free. Voyager can fly a lot better in atmosphere now that I've adjusted some things. No more flipping out (within reason). Everything in the pack has also been rebalanced, and should run a lot better. Anyways, try it out. And don't be afraid to tell me if something doesn't seem right or should be adjusted. That's one of the main reasons this update came out anywa
  3. I think I know how to fix it. From what I can tell, the torpedoes and phasers are emitted from gameObjects which have to be specified in the cfg. In the LCARSMarkII module, after the line where it says TractorAssembly, paste this in: PhaserBanks_GameObjects = thrustTransform TorpedoTubes_GameObjects = thrustTransform It's kind of a dirty way of doing it, but unless they need some sort of special of tag or collider, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  4. From what I gather, you just have to copy the modules from this post into Voyager's cfg (located in SciFi/_Voyager/Parts/voy_saucer/part.cfg) So basically just copy this code into the cfg somewhere before the final closing bracket and you should be good: MODULE { name = LCARSMarkII engine_type = 0.1 // valid settings: 0.1,0.25,0.5,1,2,3,4,5 CrewQuartiers_MaxCrewSpace = 0 // int seat number; set to a reasonable value for this model // resource options max_resource_tanks = 1
  5. Why would you ask for that here? Anyways, as required by the forum rules you can look over Philotical's code if you want to, but you can't copy it or anything, as that would be stealing. His thread is here. In regards to my mod, I think the balancing update is good to go. I took the sort-of-easy way out for the warp drive. I just made a separate part for the module, so you can attach it to the current ships, which have had a node placed at 0,0,0 for you to place it into (except for the phoenix, which has it's own part as it should). I'm actually on holiday right now, but I might be able to get
  6. I guess I could make the impulse a separate part, but that would require editing the model and putting the whole thing through unity again. I'm kind of scared to do that because I've been using the same exported model for a really long time now, so I'm worried I'm going to break it if I change something. I suppose Voyager wouldn't have this problem, because it already has two big parts. I just have to use MODEL{} to put in a new thrustTransform, because the current one is designed for landing vertically.. Something that might work though is to have just another engine on the part. That would m
  7. I've basically done the same thing so far. The balancing is hard though. Since I made the ships heavier, I also need to make them more powerful, and then that leads to even more complications. I think I've got them balanced for stock, I just need to somehow find a way to get them to work with the warp plugin. I'm hoping I'll be done sometime tomorrow. Also the photon torpedo is really awesome with BDArmory now.
  8. I think it is still using old wing parameters, so that's probably it. Should be working fine by the end of the week. There's no special way to do it. Just radially attach a docking port or something. Yep.
  9. 1. The ships definitely don't explode as often now, and I think I messed with the thrust values a bit for the new update. I will however later this week actually go through everything and balance them out. Hopefully some level of consistency can be reached. 2. Fixed. That was an issue with the new node system. In the new system nodes can only face one way (to prevent placing parts inside of each other) so I had to go through all the parts and make the nodes face the right way. 3. That was something to do with texture formats I think. I haven't had any of those issues so far, although I also ha
  10. You are correct. The blueprints I was using placed it on the wrong side. I'll see if I can move it. I have not actually seen Firefly (nor do I plan to in the upcoming future). I tried watching it, but I just couldn't get past the western music. Anyway, That's besides the point, as I'm not really doing any more big things. Also my computer is actually fine, and it has been for months. The thing holding me back right now are Exams (almost over), and the Crimson Pig. I've tried everything but the wings always seem to explode when loaded. I'm not sure if it's related to the new aerodynamics, or
  11. That's a good idea. I'll see if I can implement it. Sorry, I kind of forgot about it. I did create the .ckan file, I just never did anything with it. I guess I have to add the file to the CKAN github or something. If I have some free time this weekend I'll try and get it working. It's near the end of school so things are getting kind of busy.
  12. Perhaps I will upload it to KerbalStuff than. I'll try and look into it tomorrow. And I like your idea of having just some basic scalable parts. The only problem with that is that for each different size of cylinder, there are a greater/lesser amount of sides, so the flag might not mesh well with it. I can try it out though, and maybe I can use something like the Firespitter mesh switcher if that doesn't work out. Once again, this thing isn't nearly as bad you may think it is. Basically I lost all config progress made after the latest file hosted on Curse. So in this case the Phoenix and some
  13. It's not as bad as you might think. Basically all the models themselves are in-tact, but anything else is gone. Luckily I can just download the mod from Curse and go from there, but that means I have to re-do some more recent stuff. The flags should work fine, although I'm unsure if they're actually in the tech tree since some of the node names have been moved around and changed. I'll try and get that sorted out tonight. About hosting it on a different site: I'll check it out, but no promises. I'd prefer to just have one download that needs updating. This is because of the new way the attac
  14. I'm afraid the update for this mod is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated. Recently I had to "refresh" my computer, which basically re-installs windows while leaving documents intact. After doing this it creates a folder called windows.old which contains all the previous Program Files and other stuff. What I didn't know is that after a certain time, it decided it should delete this folder. So almost everything is gone, except the original model files themselves. I've tried going back into it through a system restore, but the files are all corrupted. The only good news is that I finis
  15. Can you post the contents of your output_log file? it should be in the folder that is created when your game crashes. I can only guess at this point.
  16. The module manager patches in the download should already add Warp Drives to the ships if you have interstellar. Then again, they weren't tested very thoroughly. That can be changed easily if you want it, just go into the TARDIS's config file and where it says: powerPitchBase = 1.0 thrustAddedToPitch = 0 just switch the values around.
  17. I just started going though the mod a couple of nights ago, and everything seems to be working okay, just a lot of memory issues. One things I've done is gone through most of the textures and converted them to mbm. This should prevent the issue where some parts are solid white when lit up, as well as give a better estimate on how the textures will affect the RAM. Another thing I've done since last release was re-doing the Phoenix. It's mostly done, I just need to create the internal for it. For now I'll just update the mod and remove the Phoenix, then add it back in later. If you want the old
  18. The problem here is that Blender switches Z and Y compared to unity, plus your mesh has it's top face at 25cm, not 25m (which is what it is in the cfg). Your node should look something like this: node_stack_top = 0, 0.25, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1 edit: oh, and you probably shouldn't have your bottom face at 0,0,0. That means that it is the center of the part, and can lead to some weird behaviors when spinning. If you just went into edit mode in Blender, selected the entire mesh, and set the Z value to zero that should center it. Of course you'd have to find the top/bottom coordinates again.
  19. I'm pretty sure that's an issue with the way KSP handles tgas. You could try converting the texture to png. You could also install ATM, because I'm pretty sure that fixes it as well. I'll probably convert all the textures to mbm when I get to updating it, then there shouldn't be any problems like that.
  20. The only way they're going to get any better is though practice. You should've seen my first attempts at modeling...
  21. I can't access my first post because it, along with many others, got deleted. Edit: I just wasn't using the right search method, here it is:
  22. You should be able to find the cfg for the part and change it to allow clipping. The cfg is located inside Squad\Parts\Engine\jetEngineTurbo. You have to change this: attachRules = 1,0,1,0,0 to this: attachRules = 1,0,1,0,1
  23. I have confirmed they are the exact shape, but that doesn't mean much. Have you considered that Porkjet was trying to be helpful by making his parts compatible with a widely used mod? That's because they're not making any. Also you said you had problems with the MK3 not having an IVA, but look at all the parts Squad has made that still don't have an inside.
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