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  1. Having started learning Python in the past few weeks, I am chuffed to the nines to know what != now means in your post. Off topic - but I was about to burst. Repped (or liked, whatever it is now), btw.
  2. Thanks Dan, good luck and pursue the studies boldly!
  3. A million thanks for the huge investment of time and effort - you championed the development of a game that for many of us is a favourite. Good luck with the future endeavours!
  4. Size ≠ density. Kerbin has the mother of all impact features, but it's ultra-low density on the crater front. Regardless, these look great Capt! Definitely eager to see Dres spruced up a bit.
  5. Looks amazing... I'm ecstatic to have a go with this after uni has finished, counting down the days. Thank you and congratulations!
  6. Haha woah easy on the attitude? Bit of constructive criticism is more deserved than that, especially towards quite a cute looking contraption.
  7. About 60-70%. Of course your entitled to your opinion, but I really disagree with this general "SQUAD don't owe us a thing" deal. Strictly, you're right, they think 1.0's a release so it is, but at least when I buy a game I trust the devs to hold to that "unspoken promise" if you will, that the game will be seen through to completion and bug-free-ness.
  8. Etch-a-Sketch. The possibilities are endless. Think of all the raw computing power!
  9. Meh. I may say this with some "mustard race" sentiment, because I have some, but I've always been so sceptical about these ports, and here comes another one. Fair enough, SQUAD says it won't detract from us PC'ers and our game won't change (and I hate to be that guy, but SQUAD said 1.0 was a release worthy game, and that statement is laughable, so I question the credibility of this one), but this whole thing just seems like an absolutely MONSTER cash-grab to me. Now wait, hear me out... I know SQUAD has to make money, but all I want is them to channel all this revenue into getting a large, very competent development team instead of a small one where people seem to mysteriously leave every few months. Then, with aforementioned bigger team, hammer out the bugs and then give us PC'ers - the ones who got SQUAD to this point - a released game. And I also can't help but think with these ports KSP becomes more of your "console game". I know that's a stereotype, but KSP should be hard and the learning curve should be difficult, by the nature of space travel. You have to install a mod by default (6.4x scale) just to make the game as difficult as it was in 0.90. It's incredible. And by porting to these consoles, I can't help but think the game will have to be dumbed down yet again. And inb4 "go play Orbiter", we're on about a KSP where swivelling radiators magically suck heat from the hottest part of your vessel which could be several metres away, and you can process Liquid fuel and Oxidiser from "Ore".
  10. First off, let me get this down, credit goes to all the mod makers on this forum for your work, I use lot of mods, you make my game a lot more of an enjoyable experience. Secondly, credit to Mulbin for his flags (example above), I use them religiously and they are brilliant. Hey all! After a long time lurking around the forums but not actually playing KSP, I've really managed to click with my 1.0.4 modded save. I've found I take a lot of screenshots, so hopefully my posting them here will give at least some of you a bit of entertainment (and inspiration, if I'm being optimistic), so here we go. The links you’ll see are in a rough chronological order, but it can be a bit confusing as interplanetary missions can mess up timescales quite a bit. For example even though my transfer window to Sarnus came up really early in my save, I won't actually post a link to it until it gets there and actually completes its mission (which is in 5 years' time). But, I’ll make note of things like this in my other chapters to try and create some semblance of a smooth, forward-flowing timeline. My first mission/project will be in this OP, and I'll link other projects as I complete them. As I play, I'll post! This will evolve with my save. Hope you enjoy! Links: - Project Moho (BELOW!) - - MORE SOON! - Project Moho So here we are, kicking off the Kerbal Space program with Project Moho (not predictable at all, right?). It seems Kerbalkind have finally decided to explore the vast unknown, but due to there only being one KSC and no prospect of a Space Race, I have a tough time imagining why. Let’s go for good old-fashioned “innate need to explore†excuse. Sifted from amongst the vast amounts of applications, the "Moho 5" were picked. Shining exemplars of what a Kerbal can be, here they are, from left to right: Lodbart, Jebediah, Johnsen, Valentina, and Dohat Kerman. These would be the few to take the first steps. With safety of paramount importance (no, I’m not joking), Project Moho got underway. As you’ll see, all of the flights had a reliable escape system to bring our brave kerbals home. By Day 52 of Year 1 of the program, we were ready. The following album shows the first two flights of Project Moho, the “sub-orbital phaseâ€Â: Christened “Unity 5†by its pilot Jebediah, the capsule took off from KSC atop a Moho-Bluestone rocket on a sub-orbital trajectory. Because the Bluestone missile is just a “Kickback†SRB with an ASAS unit attached, the Bluestone missile can only put the Moho capsule into a ballistic trajectory. Reaching an apoapsis of 229km, Jebediah enjoyed a successful 15 minutes of flight in space, with Mother Physics in the driving seat, eventually reeling him back in. As Jeb rattled around in “Unity 5†during re-entry, an alarming bang was heard from outside. The omnidirectional RCS thrusters had been unable to hold up to the required specification and had blown up in the heat. Whilst not fatal, the mistake was remedied for further flights. Jeb plopped down in the ocean east of KSC. Seven days later Valentina blasted off from KSC in an identical rocket, but her capsule she had named “Halo 5†(so excited for that game). Her launch trajectory was much more vertical than Jeb’s in “Unity 5†leading her to break his altitude record by 40km, reaching a 269km apoapsis. Valentina had what was arguably a greater shock than Jeb, as when she turned off the capsule’s reaction wheels to preserve the limited electric charge stored in the Moho capsule, and tried to do an orbital burn to move her landing point away from KSC, the capsule went into an uncontrollable tumble. Recovering the craft by turning back on the capsule’s torque, future missions had to deal with the fact that orbital burns must use capsule torque and suffer the electric charge drain from it. Due to her straight-up, straight down trajectory, re-entry for Valentina was safe, but fierce. The redesigned RCS system of linear RCS ports far up the pod as opposed to RCS thrusters on the heatshield decoupler meant that no overheating issues occurred, and Valentina touched down on land (not preferable, but within specification) just west of KSC. It was at this point Project Moho had to go on the backburner for a while as the transfer windows for Sarnus and Urlum arrived, and I sent SCANsat missions to them both (accounts of their travels comes roughly 4 and 14 years later): 20 days on from Valentina’s flight it was time to initiate Phase 2 of Project Moho, orbital flights. Due to the Bluestone missile not having sufficient dV to fling the Moho capsule into an orbit, a new launch vehicle had been designed, the Globe V. Due to previous problems with the Moho capsule being ironed out, flights were given the go-ahead. The following album details the final three flights of Project Moho, the orbital phase: First was Lodbart Kerman launching in “High 5†on Day 79 of Year 1. The new Globe V proved very reliable and capable, placing Lodbart into a stable 73x73km orbit, where after one revolution and 41 minutes, he re-entered with a textbook trajectory that plopped him into the ocean east of KSC. Kerbals had orbited Kerbin. After Lodbart’s successful mission, Project Moho’s objectives became more time-based. Improving on Lodbart’s 1 orbit, Dohat Kerman aboard “Babylon 5†(heh, I’m proud of that one) was to stay up for 3 hours, approximately half a day. Launching on Day 104 into a 79x82km orbit, the flight was flawless much like Lodbart’s up until re-entry, where things nearly took a turn for the worst. In previous flights it had been pointed out that when the heatshield was decoupled after use, it spiralled off backwards and posed a collision risk with either the capsule or the parachute. Dohat watched the shield fly just outside his window, but thankfully the shield didn’t make contact and he splashed down in the ocean west of the KSC continent, after 3 hours 31 minutes flight time. Finally, to round off Project Moho, Johnsen Kerman was to spend a day in LKO. Launching on Day 111, Johnsen in “Maroon 5†spent a successful, if slightly boring day in an 79x81km orbit, landing near the mountains just west of KSC after a botched re-entry trajectory. The Kerbal Space Program now had a foothold in the unknown, and now they had to move forward. A little bit about Project Moho: First off, it’s clearly NOT inspired by Project Mercury… much. I tried to follow Mercury relatively closely, for example I think Moho-Bluestone looks relatively close to its analogue, but to make an Atlas booster was a bit too fiddly for myself, so I relaxed the rules a bit there. Same as RL, no EVA’s were performed, and I followed a similar program structure, but again you’ll notice I didn’t stick religiously to Mercury in mission profiles. My style of KSP has always been inspiration instead of imitation. The Moho capsule’s propellant is solely monopropellant. Radial monoprop tanks were clipped inside the decoupler (if there’s space, then by my book it’s fair game). There is no facility for generating charge, so reaction wheels in the capsule must remain off as much as possible to save electricity, and orientation done by RCS. Every manned rocket in my space program has a tested abort procedure, as you no doubt saw with the launch tower. And that’s it for now, hope you enjoyed!
  11. I like to think they are really efficient photosynthesizers (word?).
  12. Hey guys, looking for some advice, just posted in the engineering reddit, and thought another great place might be here, I'm just copy-pasting from reddit: "Hey guys, just got my confirmation through of my place at Uni doing Aerospace Engineering. Popping a question here to ask all you with experience or have been there and done that: Here in the UK, how can I make a path into the space industry? My ideal career path (assuming I don’t get hooked by some other field at Uni) ends working in the space industry, either at ESA or any space agency contractor. Ideally I’d love to end up working on missions like Rosetta, or if I'm fortunate enough manned space programs. My issue is that here in the UK there doesn't seem to be much going for space (which may be a fortunate thing as I've always wanted my career to take me abroad). Yes, the UK is a member of ESA but it doesn't seem to have much input, and so I'm wondering how to try and push myself in the space direction. For what it’s worth, I've probably played my cards as well as I can so far, because not only is the course well renowned, it also works unbelievably closely with industry (Boeing, Airbus and other great companies of that ilk) so if a good way is by getting a foot in the door and jumping over to space-related positions, the above is a good thing. But would any of you recommend trying to jump onto the continent? For example, do a bachelor’s or a master’s here in the UK and then try and do a postgrad degree at a specific aerospace school that does space-based material in Europe (fluent in a few languages and love to travel, so don’t assume that’s a burden), or maybe even across the pond in the States? I'm also curious about the level of qualification needed/required for that kind of work. For positions at space agencies and their contractors, would it be worth doing a PhD assuming I could find something I was really interested in? Really I'm just looking for any advice at all, do's and don'ts, stuff about internships, whatever you've got and think may be relevant. I’d love feedback from any and all, great to get some knowledge from those more experienced, anecdotes from those of you who've got the t-shirt or have got two pennies to throw in is much appreciated, cheers guys." Love your guys' inputs as well if you have any. And moderators, if this is in the wrong place, chuck it wherever it's meant to be
  13. Slightly KSP related, I managed to get accepted into university doing Aerospace Engineering! Woot! Something tells me I may have trouble with the "Ethics of Engineering" units however...