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  1. Could use some optimization. My comp seems to chugalug as it loads with your quick fix lol. Thank you so much for it though love these parts always have
  2. I am actually working on drawing an anatomy drawing of a kerbal the only thing I had problems with is what to base the guts/muscles, and bones off of... because idk if they are plants are not... and that could make a big difference in what their bone structure is made of
  3. When I was launching a probe/rover to duma one of the SRBs still had a tiny bit of fuel, but being myself I was like meh and decoupled, needless to say I shouldn't of mehd it because it gained speed and smashed through my craft like a hot knife through butter. so much FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  4. So I came back to KSP after i got done with finals recently & I have to ask are the 4x2 parts still part of the pack?
  5. also here is the quick fix update from snjo himself http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24551-Firespitter-propeller-plane-and-helicopter-parts-v6-3-5-%28Sep-1st%29-for-KSP-0-24-2?p=1603900&viewfull=1#post1603900
  6. I had the same problem, remember since it is a third party patch it may not be complete or an actual full patch, since most of the B9 parts need the firespitter plugin. Also you may want to check the firespitter forums there is a quick fix patch to keep it updated until snjo finishes his official update of the mod. Hope this helped!
  7. Also it may a crash a couple times when you first install it, it took me a couple of tries but I got it to run after the 6th time i think now everything is so smooth running it is great
  8. Dear god, I just laughed so hard at your kerbals faces!!!
  9. unfortunately "brute force" seems to be the best way to rendezvous yes. I often have to use this method to dock and align orbits. Because let's AINT NOBODY GOT TIME for waiting for the two vessels to come within range naturally
  10. Hello everyone, I have just reinstalled KSP after finishing up school and I was wondering something. 1. Why is it that no where on Duna seems to be flat or just flat enough to start up colonies? 2. Since I usually use glider like shuttle craft to bring in colonists I need some kind of flat area that is semi large to land craft. I am not the best pilot so landing up and down hills would not be advised. lol. 3. Does any body know of areas that are good places for a landing strip along with flat space for a colony? Thanks for the help guys!
  11. thank you! its been awhile since I have kept up on the forums any news on when its going to be updated or should I revert back to the previous version
  12. I installed KSP again and installed all the regular mods i had before interstellar, B9, and KAS, yet it seems that the new huge ship parts for B9 (especially the 6X6). I know you are able to hollow it out as well as change it to liguid fuel and other things but it seems to trying to be all of them at once. As it seems to have multiple textures cliping each other. What did I do wrong with the install and how do I fix it?
  13. I am having problems running this mod in general. Am I installing it right?
  14. Question is this mod just a heavyload on the game itself or is it not compatible with some mods?
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