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  1. Yea that account got wiped out for some reason. I still have the source. I'll see about bringing it up to date and live again. To tell you the truth, I'd like to work on something else and possibly roll this into that mod - something like a flight computer / early warning radar. I would need some help with it from someone who knows a bit more about finding game objects and vessels.
  2. Getting an error that might be related to the updated to the control room " Field '.Flight.Globals.ship_srfSpeed' not found. " I'll see if it's related.
  3. Like you, I enjoy building monuments of aerospace engineering, and watching them disintegrate in-flight. Except, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to force a single failure, that may or may not be recoverable. In the interest of fault tolerance, I think its fun to wreck your aircraft, and try to recover/land the crippled bird. There are a few explosive parts mods out there, but nothing I found allowed me to have a simple controlled demolition of a specific part. So with some help, I wrote a basic explosive part. Just place the repurposed gravimax part (under science) on the part you want to fail, and either right click and hit Explode, or use the ActionGroups. The explosion will destroy the part, and the part that it is attached to. Now you can cause a catastrophic in-flight failure at the push of a button. Another use might be to use the explosive to separate your capsule or cockpit from the fuselage so your kerbals can escape disasters. Gravimax part used without permission until I model my own C4 charge. Unless someone wants to be kind and model one for me. Much thanks to Stupid_Chris and folks over in #kspmodders IRC for their insights. > Download Now < INSTALL Copy the /InitFail/ folder into the KSP/GameData/ folder. MIT License Source in the download zip. Its a little sloppy, and I'll get to cleaning it up at some point. Future Updates/Plans I'm not entirely sure, so I'll appreciate your feedback. Thinking about adding timed, grouped, or random triggers. Maybe add smoke and fire (sounds?) for dramatic effect. Perhaps a controller for RPM if I can find a tutorial on making functional pages. -- I'll try to get a video up this weekend. Have fun blowing #@%$ up!
  4. Incredible work! I've always wanted a control room interface for vessels. This looks like it can deliver the mission control experience. -- Had a problem with it, but seems to be working after removing & replacing JSI. Looking forward to trying this out.
  5. I like the idea of forcing direct or random failures on my designs to see how they hold up. Such failure initiation could be as simple as adding a 'destroy' context menu to each part. Not sure if there is anything out there that does this. And of course, for large vessels, causing a critical failure would result in rapid and catastrophic disassembly; I would expect nothing less than a glorious display of fragments. To this end, it would be fun to render fire and smoke from fuel-bearing and other volatile componants.
  6. Meatsauce

    [0.90] Lazor System v35 (Dec 17)

    I was actually just wondering the same thing.
  7. This is pretty damn cool. Can you make near objects 'glow' or provide some point light source; to simulate what we can see as a satellite passes overhead in sunlight?
  8. ^ Ok, I'll have a look. Make sure you only have one of these in scene at any given time. I haven't figured out how to have the module exist solely on the active craft. I'm also having a bit of a crisis with regards to IVA and this mod in general. There are a few mods out there that do this better, so I'm wondering if there's a reason to continue this, and not work on another.
  9. I've added a license and restored the download link. I'll start working on it again soon. A bit of a learning process, and well, work has been busy. If you have more ideas, lay them on me and we'll see what we can do.
  10. Thanks! I'm torn between using colors or making the panel look more weathered... Such as making them actual lights that are colored when on, but grayed out when inactive. I got a few things in the works with regards to sounds and more events. I'll look for buzzer sounds. That's a great suggestion.
  11. I'll be switching this to partless sometime this week. I'll add more sounds soon for different critical events. Not sure if a smaller part would make a diff if I make this a partless module.
  12. Thanks! I was thinking of adding in more 'lights' for all the various features of your vessel. I really want some engine related feedback. I'm not keen on movement, but I could add your request as another light. Just need to identify the conditions. Here's a cool screen with a flame-out warning: I added a part counter that checks to ensure you haven't lost any parts mid-flight. This isn't practical for space operations, nor is the airflow indicator on rockets, so again - space mode disables those two rules so it doesn't spam you while in orbit, or while staging. Also, I started working on the config, and added a three stage RCS light which isn't exactly working atm. I would like some feedback on the numeric readouts. Are they really needed?
  13. Meatsauce

    Dramatic alarms

    I've had my hand at this request. Check it out > here <
  14. I'll check it out. -- Managed to get some done on Sunday. Added textures that change based on the conditions. Got AirFlow working nicely now. It detects a few seconds before flameout. Some new shot Going to try a custom panel to make it look a bit less ...stock
  15. That's a good idea. I'm going to add that now since its a lazy sunday. Also, I'm probably not going to work on the terrain following feature because another plugin is already doing that very well. The audio radar is still in the works.