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  1. I can't believe how the mod airship fundamentally still works after all these years. Though maybe @JewelShisen has rewritten it entirely by this point. It's brilliant, the way that KSP has structured mods so they can share code. It's not exactly easy to test, but it can be very robust. I hope this spirit lives on in KSP2.
  2. Beautiful photos! I love it! A long time ago, I did make a mod that allowed underwater travel in KSP. It wasn't very good because KSP did not have anything under water, and stuff would simply crash the game under a certain depth. Some time after that, KSP rolled out an update which changed buoyancy and allowed stock subs. But I feel that has been rolled back quietly in some update after that - everything floats again. Not sure of the status now.
  3. That's interesting! Do you think that the explosion at gait start could have been the horizontal velocity of the foot along the ground? It looks like the foot isn't picking itself up off the ground as quickly as before. That may be due to your adjustment where the target position begins below the ground.
  4. Looking forward to this. I would recommend the MIT license then. It is what I used for all my mods. It simply protects the creator from liability. If you want to read more: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT Cool! I see that I understood some of it wrong though. If you post and update with some comments, I'd be happy to take another look. That's not a cheat, that's smart. Unity has very good and fool-proof rotation, which should be taken advantage of! I'm not sure if I can recommend a specific solution. I just know that your feet should not hit the ground so f
  5. I got some more time to go through @VR_Dev's repo. First, I'd like to say that the more I read, the more impressed I am. There is a lot of interesting code here just to glue together the robot, and the mirror it in KSP! As for your motion, I think that the feet are meant to be lifted or placed by this bit of code. globalPoint.y = ground.position.y; if(limbIK.legMode == RoboticLimbIK.LegMode.Translate) { globalPoint.y -= baseOffset; } I would expect to see more of a snapping motion between these y positions.
  6. Any page that ends with controlling a robot with a Wiimote is a good page. It seems that you both are working on a 2 step gait system, where 3 sets of legs alternate stance-swing-stance-swing. I followed a few links from this page and ended up at this page, which I feel has some well commented code on walking gaits (even if it's not obvious from the file name) https://github.com/KurtE/BBD_SSC32_PS2/blob/39cd7a77ea5bd72fa1afd03654c08ff82466f766/BBD_SSC32_PS2.ino If this is what the hexapod community is used to then I could see something like Unity being a big help. That is a lot of i
  7. @ZodiusInfuser I do like the graphical interface you have here, must help a lot for debugging paths. Is your code also available for us to look at? It would seem to me that this would make for a more rigid walking cycle, but maybe I just need to see how you did it. It seems you two have a shared understanding of hexapod walking. Can you recommend where I can read up on the technical aspects? And it looks like VR_Dev's code creates a PID controller from IR to walk?
  8. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find your repo. Where is the link? My guess is that you should control the foot "touchdown" by velocity. Each KSP part has a certain velocity impact which it can take, above that it explodes. Multiply that speed by a safety factor and it should be good. I'm not sure where you are getting "servo.HostPart.GroundPosition", but in my experience these special APIs can be meant for a very specific purpose and eventually break as new KSP versions come out. Your target position looks good. If you need a better estimate of distance, I would recommend a simple Ph
  9. Wow, we now have people who do TA mods here? This thread just gets more awesome.
  10. Yes, KSP is unique in that it simulates interplanetary rocket construction and travel at real time or faster. The physics are surprisingly accurate too. There is a good reason why NASA officially supports this game. KSP is made with a game engine called Unity, which is like a 3D modeling program fully integrated with Visual Studio. A lot of physics is available free out of the box. This makes it easy to have code manipulate objects realistically. Tying KSP and robotics together makes sense because our community is mega nerdy and totally supports it.
  11. This not only an amazing mod, but also the resulting software is amazing. Professional engineering software can't do what this can do.
  12. I hate to say it, but a big reason why I stopped modding KSP was because it took less time to write a whole game prototype from scratch in Unity than to make a simple KSP plugin. I did a quick search and this is the dev tool I was referring too. Maybe it still works! https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/magic-smoke-industries-devhelper-v0-4?gameCategorySlug=ksp-mods&projectID=221289
  13. That is a good point, Stone Blue. Having to restart KSP when deving is time consuming. Maybe VR_Dev has a wizardry for this, but I doubt you can change what KSP compiles after you start the run. What makes the plugins and mods work is so cool that Squad hired the guy who invented it. Feedback into the KSP runtime may be limited. Probably could throttle engines, turn the ship, etc. It would need a mod like TweakScale to go deep into the system and expose its variables. I could see it working in the other direction -> you could have a Unity environment where you run tests based on t
  14. Hello @VR_Dev, I have to say something because this work is very interesting. I was looking at the KSP forums for about the first time in a... year? I found your YouTube videos with tech like Leap Motion very interesting since I work with ARcore and the like. I have KSP to thank for this, because I learned OOP and Unity by doing an airship mod years ago. Also, your progress with the walking robot looks very impressive. I have a number of projects I started to create a walking robot like this in Unity, but have not come close to the level of that you've been able to achieve by hooking it
  15. Not sure what's going on with this license thing, but it is weird. I actually had my original mod taken down years ago because I didn't want to put any restrictions on it at all. Eventually we agreed to put the MIT license on it which is super permissive. I take it Curse has some additional license on it? Well, as the original author, I hope this remains very easy for all to access.
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