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  1. Problem solved! Turns out that I didnt quite understand how the texture bit of the MODEL node works. The code itself was correct, except the part where the original texture is specified No need for a dummy texture, just needed to specify the original texture of the part. So for the SC-ADPT-3-2-FLAT it is not the SC-ADPT1-BEIGE-DIFF and SC-ADPT1-DOS-NRM, but the SC-ADPT1-SLS-DIFF and SC-ADPT1-SLS-NRM respectively: MODEL { model = SSTU/Assets/SC-ADPT-3-2-FLAT position = 0, 0, -0.9375 rotation = 270, 0, 0 texture = SC-ADPT1-SLS-DIFF, SSTU/Assets/SC-ADPT1-SLVR-DIFF texture =
  2. Hi Shadowmage, awesome mod you've created here! I've been tinkering a bit with it to add some part I feel are missing, like some bigger hubs, but there is one part I just cant get figured out. How do I change the default textures of the assets? I've tried the following MM code, but this doesnt work: MODEL { model = SSTU/Assets/SC-ADPT-3-2-FLAT position = 0, 0, -0.9375 rotation = 270, 0, 0 texture = SC-ADPT1-BEIGE-DIFF, SSTU/Assets/SC-ADPT1-SLVR-DIFF texture = SC-ADPT1-DOS-NRM, SSTU/Assets/SC-ADPT1-COS-NRM scale = 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 } It loads the model just fine, but the te
  3. Just wondering if this is something that is planned somewhere in the future. Its the one thing I miss most in the kerbal universe, everything else can be solved with mods.
  4. That might be the problem, strange its just popped up wehn 1.0 launched.. Been using openGL for a long time now. Too bad, cant switch to DVI sadly..
  5. It seems the parachute in the Clamp-O-Tron MK16-XXL is not functioning like it should in several ways. First, the descent speed is too high compared to the other parachutes: With the MK16-XL a MK1-2 command pod with 2.5 metre heatshield descends at about 9.6 m/s. Just a MK25-XL drogue shute slows it down until about 71 m/s. The Clamp-O-Tron slows it all down to about 36 52 m/s. Secondly, during descent a sideways force is present. Instead of going straight down there is an angle of about 45 degrees. The direction of this force is south when in the standard VAB orientation. Edit: ninjad by upda
  6. Strange that it doesnt work here.. Could you copy your settings file? Might be something there..
  7. Ever since 1.0 the -force -opengl flag gives me an error. Tried on a clean unmodded install and my usual modded version. This is the error message that pops up: Anybody who knows how to solve this? I was really used to the lower memory requirements because of it
  8. Im wondering, now that 1.0 is out, will there be additional models with 2.5 meter endpoints? I love the design of these, but the 1.25 meter makes them.. unsuitable for my needs.
  9. Love the mod, just have a quick question... Is it somehow possible to move the position of the attachment nodes for the fairings? Ive tried to do this using the cfg file, but no matter what coordinates I set, they keep located at the same position.
  10. Is this still being worked on? It sounded very promising with the simple resource system.
  11. Just a quick message about date formatting, the official ISO standard is YYYY-MM-DD. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601 And on a side note, Im using the 7-3 version on RSS with the 6.4x config installed without any problems. The only thing slightly annoying are the big circular spots where the surface clips through the cloud layer. Would decreasing the volumeHexRadius solve this?
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