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    You are aware that standard bluetooth and USB keyboards and mice work just fine with PS4s right? It's been that way since PS3 actually. My buddy plays War Thunder on his PS4 with a KB and a mouse just like I do on my PC. It is exactly the same. It amazes me how people can just spew BS with zero to little knowledge of how something actually works.
  2. I have definitely used RATO before. It's generally pretty easy to get a plane to rotate as long as your rear gear isn't too far behind the center of mass. When building space planes, I scoff at the idea of having too much wing. If you aren't having to use a RATO solution or running it off of the end of the runway, then you have too much wing for a space plane. Considering that runway launched spacecraft are a novelty in KSP and wings are strictly not required because of the OP thrust of the jet engines. I tend to prefer vertical launch SSTOs even when payloads get on the large side. Everything about it is just less hassle. That is the ultimate RATO. With a 2:1 TWR, you don't need wings.
  3. LOL Rich! I used to use that exact same video mixer when I was the editor of the morning news program at my high school in the late 90s. Man I am old. Now you just need one of those old camcorders that had a tiny CRT in the view finder and add that as a wave scope. You could view the wave form of the audio in KSP and it would be pretty sweet looking. Like this..
  4. Thorium. A most useful nuclear material that we as humans refuse to use, because we are afraid of dirt cheap endless energy and what it might do to our fossil fuel based economies. Did you know that it can be used to make a sub-critical reactor with laser bombardment? That is right. Theoretically, all of your energy needs until the end of time could be met with a half ton reactor in your garage that can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch. The real kicker is, we have known all of this since the 1960s and still advancement of this technology has been brushed aside for dangerous, wasteful, and inferior pressurized water cooled nuclear reactors. Why, you might ask? Because a thorium reactor cannot be used to enrich materials for nuclear weapons. In fact, it can be used to burn the waste fuel that we have been stock piling for the last 50+ years. There was once a project funded by the US for the testing of molten salt cooled reactors that would all but trivialize the safety of nuclear reactors of all types. The project, even though it was a resounding success, was shut down by politicians that had other agendas. I don't like to name names, but the major culprits name rhymes with Nixon. Combining that technology with thorium reactors would usher in a new age of energy abundance on this planet. We could have had this thirty years ago. That is why I laugh at all the money that has been spent on fusion reactor technology that is far more costly and complex. I believe nuclear fusion reactors are in our future. However, they are totally unnecessary when thorium could power our society for the next million or so years with a lot less effort and expenditure. Only now that other countries have begun projects based on this technology, is there a push for it's advancement here in the states.
  5. That is awesome! Now make it launch I-16 Ishaks and I-15 Chiakas as parasite fighters!
  6. Thank you for this mod. It really helps with space planes and all types of fuel management. I would like to add though, this mod causes texture errors on the surface of different planets. It has been doing this for a while. I am not sure why it is doing it but it certainly is this mod. It goes away immediately as soon as I remove this mod. It causes the texture of the ground to become stretched out for some reason.
  7. Indeed. Since I have been diligent at turning them off I have had no more crashes. If I forget and leave them on it crashes. Sucks that you have to do it every time you switch craft or launch a new ship.
  8. I don't know man. This latest release crashes a lot for me. I removed all my mods and it still does it on reentry a lot and also if I have a rapid unplanned dis-assembly when I click to revert to hangar it sometimes crashes and sometimes windows reports the process not responding and then it comes back. Strange things since 1.0.2. I had no problems with 1.0 or 1.0.1.
  9. Doesn't seem to be a MJ issue to me. I removed all my mods and it is still crashing for me on reentry and sometimes if I lawn dart the game crashes.
  10. Man, you couldn't be more wrong. Unless you believe 48% is horrible.
  11. Yea, they don't overheat anymore. I actually liked the heat. I just didn't like being given nothing to deal with it. I think maybe a small reduction in heat and the addition of stock heat sinks and radiators would have been much easier to swallow than nothing at all. Hear is hoping that this is just a stop gap until we get something like that in the future. Real space crafts do require radiators. So I didn't find the heat mechanic to be that much of a stretch.
  12. Yes they do. Ugly useless space trash SSTO space planes. That is because people don't understand the definition of SSTO. They think it means space plane. So then we get that guy who lifted a whole 8 tons to orbit in a 200 ton space bus, bragging like a 4% payload to mass ratio is something good. I digress. SSTO. Single.... Stage.... To.... Orbit...... Doesn't mean it has wings. Doesn't mean it is a plane. Last I checked, the top spot in the payload to mass 1.0 thread belongs to an SSTO. (Not a space plane.) SSTOs are good. Space planes are decoration. These threads are talking about space planes being useless but using the acronym SSTO because they don't know any better. Plus space planes were always pretty useless unless you went really large. They never were never about efficiency. They were about being ascetic. I am sure I could easily build an SSTO that gets some pretty nice range. A space plane though? Probably not.
  13. Great, that means you had too much engine to begin with. The plane I made yesterday can longer even get on step. So no matter that I should have a 2:1 TWR. The engine never gets there. No now I need 4:1 just to have 1.5:1 at take off. By the time I hit 10k, my plane is cooking itself at half throttle. Again, why would you not just make an SSTO with no wings? It weighs less and it's less draggy and also less dependent on flight profile.
  14. Don't tell me it's the top one . I just lost an RTG that was inside a cargo bay to heat. GG. So, either the bay is not shielding anymore or the bay was so hot it was killing an RTG through conduction. Which is also stupid. I really want to play this game now. Not play test it. I've been testing it for years already.
  15. Not sure why you think it is easier now. Likely because you were over powered before 1.0.1. They basically halved the jet engine thrust again and significantly increased the drag. It is once again pointless to put wings on a space craft unless you just like the looks of them. I was actually enjoying my 1.0 space planes. Now they have no reason to exist. Might as well just build vertical launch and landing SSTOs with no wings.