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  1. ya the ksp aerodynamics model is about as realistic as Hollywood's physics.
  2. Everyone pronounces it a little differently I pronounce it Mun (muhn). My Freind prnounces it like "Min" And some pronounce it 'maan" Its up to you how you pronounce it.
  3. Kirsinni was a mission to jool and to image the moons of jool to gather images. After a sucsesfull injection into jool and a very intense aerobrake it made it to orbit. First stop was laythe. (Pictures comming up) Then we went to vall, We dident get as close as laythe but some spectacular images where taken. We then scheduled a transfer to tylo but laythe caught up and deorbitis Kirsinni. I was discouraged because every burn i doo takes an hour to complete. But instead I let Kirsinni Fall to its doom. I recorded date and im currently working Excell to find coralation between Altitude and tempurature, Pressure, gforces, and Gravitational pull. Over all i got some awesome data. PICTURES TO COME SOON.
  4. On the first minute of the first day of the first year, three brave kerbals strapped themselves into a rocket. No kerbal has attempted this before. No Kerbal has even dared speak of the heavens out of fear that the space Kracken might swoop down and send you flying off at the speed of light. But no folklore could stop these three men. They are considered the manliest of men with there manly names, Bill Bob and Jedediah. Like Most manly men, they strap them selves to ton upon ton of explosive power. The rocket, named the Ground Hog, was a prototype rocket designed in less than 5 seconds and strapped together with duct tape. Don't let the Name fool ya because this thing is not afraid of its shadow. With three aerospike boosters and a mainsail engine this thing can pack power. enough power to get to Low Kerbin Orbit (LKO). 3...2...1...ROAR the Ground Hog roars to life blasting metric tone by metric tone of propellent into sizzling fire, sauteing anything unfortunate enough to be placed under the engines. "T+1...2...3...Cleared the tower" said the Capcom. A sigh of relief floods Bill and Bob with the thought that they are moving in the right direction. Jeb however is always happy and lacks self preservation so there is no need for relief from a non existent stress. "One Minute" calls out a controller at KSC. Jeb starts preparing for the staging of the Aerospike rocket boosters (ARB's). He has to jettison them just right. If he ejects them improperly, one of the boosters could swing back and destroy the still operating Mainsail Engine. "Booster separation in 3...2...1". Bill and Bob close their eyes and cross their fingers inside of their gloves, praying that Jeb knows what he is doing. (their "gloves" are actually mittens attached to the rest of their suit so that makes crossing fingers a lot harder). "JETTISON",shouted a KSC Capcom controller. almost immediately Jeb Ejected the boosters and a resulting roar from the ejection charge and the separation motors momentarily dwarf the sound of the Main engine. Yet another sigh of releif comes from Bill and Bob. Even though the couldn't see Jeb they knew he was still smiling in that way he always does. Suddenly, Bill and Bob's joyus sence of fearlessness was broken by the words of the capcom. "Stage 1 ejection in 3...2...1". Another Big jolt shock the vehicle as a massive ejection charge ignighted. Simutainiously, the second stage engine ignighted throwing all 3 explorers back into their seats. Bob looked at the altimeter in front of him. He had a hard time reading it due to the massive vibrations due to the major acoustic output of the rocket engine but he could just make out a 69. "69 kilometers up" thought Bob". "we are in space" Once again in the midst of their joy, stress came in the form of a fuel level indicator. "Uhh KSC" said Bob "we uhh have a LFL (low fuel light)". THe only have 30 seconds of fuel left. 5 seconds less than the ship needed to get to orbit. The radio came with the emotionless Capcom,"it could be a faulty reading". "Lets hope so" said Bob said with a bit of relief. The computer still was giving a count down. But 25 seconds later the engine stopped running. "Darnit" said Bill and Bob. "If we don't fix this problem by the Apoapsis we must abort"said Bob. Mean while the very calm and happy voice of Jeb suggested "Let me try tapping into the reserves for the extra fuel to circularize our orbit". "How long will you think it will take to do that?" said Bob. "about 40 seconds" replied Jeb. "you gotta do it in thirty or I will have to abort". said Bill. Sounds of clicking on the ship computer was al that you could hear between the starving engine and the nervous silence of Bill and Bob. This silence was broken when Bill called out "5 seconds to APP) Jeb was still typing at the computer trying to tap into the reserve de-orbiting fuel. 3...2...1... right at zero jeb hit one final button and the engine roared to life. the burn was done and they where in an orbit. After a couple Hours orbiting they de-orbited and landed at KSC, thus proving the Kracken is dead. This was a dramatacizesd account of a mission I actually did in KSP CHAPTER2 A lander to Duna. COMMING SOON
  5. 369 we dont get budget cuts 370 our astronauts are jesus, they come back from the dead
  6. Banned for being a free rocket.
  7. False and false i do know monty python and im an aligator the user below me is a rabid wildebeest