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  1. Thanks to some gravitational lensing magic, the light from a supernova that blew up 10 bly ago has taken multiple paths and reached us multiple times over the span of several years, but not only that! Some very smart people at Niels Bohr Institute calculated that around 2037 we will be able to observe it going kablooey yet again. https://phys.org/news/2021-09-astronomers-supernova-timesand-fourth-sighting.html I find it amazing that they were (presumably) able to figure out the structure of matter so far away to be able to calculate the path of light. I propose we get busy and build a whole bunch of dedicated space telescopes, bigger than anything ever built and launch them quickly into space to observe the big boom from the start. Just how often we get to predict a star is going to go supernova with such accuracy?
  2. What would be your guess, why is hydrogen used so much?
  3. Can't you place the antenna on the inside of the window? Wavelength of wifi (assuming 2,4GHz) is 12,5 cm, meaning a window sized window should be more than big enough hole for waves to get through.
  4. Anything involing yo-yo de-spin. Magnets are magic, but yo-yos are next level.
  5. Today I learned that there is a Solidworks version for Makers/tinkerers/hobbists. It's actually quite nice with a decent set of features and integrated collaboration system (quite powerful, from what I've seen), Obviously that makes it, at least partly, cloud based (which you may view as a benefit or a drawback). It's certainly affordable at only $99 + tax per year. There's also integration with a lot of other tools like CAM, workflow management and even ERP. Another quite nice aspect is that the license even allows you to sell stuff you make with it, up to, but not including, $2000 per year. I know I may sound like I'm shilling this, so let me end with this: it has one deal breaker constraint that, for me, makes it absolutely unusable. Models made in this version are digitally watermarked in such a way that they can not be opened in any other version of SW, meaning that after you inevitably find out that your little 3020 tabletop router just won't cut it, you're SOL. You can't send your file to a proper machine shop to have it made. I hope they lift this restriction and I may get it (if they also decide to offer it over here; currently there are some regional restrictions).
  6. Insane. If my count is correct, we just may see a 100th this year. Also congrats to Shortfall of Gravitas for her first catch.
  7. It also has oil rags, shoe coverings and hammers in the fuel tanks, along with wiring with potentially damaged insulation.
  8. In this case I sent an email directly to them, no middleman service. In any case the job and pay would be comparable to my current, but it's further away from my home, so I thanked the guy and we agreed to get back in touch if situation changes.
  9. Today I got a call regarding a job I applied for... 356 days ago. We had a nice chat and the guy seemed polite and all, but he's kind of late.
  10. "You there! Peasant at A4, go get your disposable self trampled under that horse so my tower has better view at the enemy."
  11. I realize that a good deal of these are management and lead roles, but still, you should take into account that BO has 3500 employees. One should expect multiple resignations/firings each week, or even day, just as part of a normal bussiness cycle.
  12. With the recent litigiousness of BO leadership, I would be surprized if this transfer went without BO claiming some non-compete clause.
  13. Don't you think for one second that I haven't noticed the lack of "no pun intended" disclaimer.
  14. I distinctly remember some of my pre-smart phones having the ability to show my approximate location. No apps involved, just a network/phone capability.
  15. VOR, NDB, DME, TACAN That should get you started.
  16. My armchair lawyering opinion is that monetary damages are usually not considered irreparable harm.
  17. A billion bucks to develop the suits? Maybe I should have gone for taylors.
  18. But SpaceX would most likely continue the development regardless, and possibly land on Moon without gov contract just to flip off Bezos.
  19. Uh, this situation comes after the shakedown test, following the previous malfunction that should have been caught before launch. Boing dropped the ball, was given another chance and as much time as needed to fix the issues and still managed to screw up again. There is something rotten there, and not just in space department.
  20. When would it be appropriate for NASA to ask for a refund? Asking for a friend.
  21. In that case you don't need the pusher plate, and then it's no longer Orion.
  22. Did you not understand my earlier post? 500 TW is more that entire worlds power production. Much much more. Continuously dissipating that much power in one small space would melt and vaporize any engine, along with anything in not so close vicinity.
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