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  1. Yeah, those settings are a little... extreme? Strangely, I haven't made any changes to them as they seem to be good and I have just received an email containing subscribed content. It's the first email I've received though, so I'm not sure what happened over the past couple of days. I guess I'll keep an eye on things and see if I continue receiving updates.
  2. Seeing as I can't find a better place to put it, I'll mention this here. Perhaps it's only me, perhaps I've done something wrong or the forum migration lost a setting, but I'm no longer receiving email notification for my followed content. Let's go over the things I have checked or know about 1) Yes, I'm aware that all the old subscriptions were lost. I'm talking about threads that I have re-subscribed to. 2) Yes, there is new content on at least some of these threads (4 out of the current 23 don't have new content) 3) Yes, the correct email address is being used in my profile settings page 4) Yes, I've checked my Junk inbox and no, there is nothing listed in there. So, what else is there to check?
  3. @pjf This isn't directly related to CKAN as an app, but thought you'd like to know (just in case you weren't aware ) that the forum migration seems to have messed up the stickied link to this thread. I don't know if this is something you can fix yourself, but considering how busy it usually is in here, I can imagine there being a few support requests ending up without a home.
  4. Hi linuxgurugamer, As mentioned above, would it be possible for you to correct the .version file for this? If you don't want to release a new version just for this, could you confirm that the .version should be: "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":0, "PATCH":2 } If this is correct, then at least users can change their own files. Thanks
  5. Yeah, not sure what happened! On an unrelated note, is it worth deprecating/removing the CIT selection of mods from CKAN as they aren't available for download anymore?
  6. @Dazpoet Yeah, my bad. I really should have added the other useful info! OS is Windows 7, KSP is installed in my default Steam location (/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Kerbal Space Program) I've tried a KSP version rollback through Steam, and CKAN picked that up as normal (KSP v0.25) I've just undone the rollback and now CKAN seems to be working correctly. Very odd!
  7. So, I've just come home from a month at away with work and started updating all the various things that need updating. Naturally, one of those was CKAN and my installed mods. Unfortunately, that's where something seems to have gone wrong. I updated CKAN to the latest version from the OP, but it was asking for my KSP install directory. I keep CKAN in the KSP root directory so thought this a bit odd, but manually pointed to this location anyway but it failed to recognise that path. I then noticed that KSP had received an update through Steam. I thought this was odd as 1.0 isn't quite out yet, so I'm a bit confused about what the Steam update actually is. Is it possible this update is affecting CKAN's ability to find the .exe?
  8. That's some very pretty space art you have there Rosco Luckily, you can easily get rid of it by toggling the body-fixed option to off in the Trajectories settings. That will make it a lot more usable
  9. +1 for this! In fact, I might end up trying to make this myself if no one else picks up this idea
  10. @bdito Nope, I used the Visual RemoteTech Planner to calculate how much power would be needed in the shadow.
  11. OK, so the time display thing was entirely me not reading the contract correctly It does correctly display 2 days. As for the contract failing to complete, it looks like my particular satellite positions end up having a blackspot with KSC once every 1 day 5 hours. This means that in my case, the contract won't complete. Is it possible that this particular contract is perhaps a little too strict on its requirements? Perhaps changing the shakedown to 1 day or putting up 4 satellite instead of 3? I mean, from eyeballing things in the screenshot, the satellites look pretty much spot on in position. UPDATE: Actually, it looks like it be more of a Remote Tech problem. I was doing pretty high warp to get the contract to complete and it seems the RT couldn't update the connections to a new satellite fast enough. This would cause the timer to reset back to 2 days. Slowing warp down a notch fixed things.
  12. Possible bug report, or maybe it's just me missing something! I'm trying to complete the first mission in the pack to create the 3 satellite network around Kerbin. Satellite are up, each has an omni to connect to KSC and a dish currently targeting 'active vessel'. All contract terms have been completed, so the shakedown count starts. Firstly, when the mission states the shakedown is 2 days, the counter actually starts at 6 hours (1 Kerbin day). Secondly, when the counter reaches 0, it resets without completing the mission. Here's the screenshot of the network and the contract.
  13. Request/Suggestion: It may not be possible with all mods, but adding the mod change logs to the GUI would be useful for checking what exactly an update is going to do before you install it.
  14. Thanks magico. I'll give them a go then and see how it goes
  15. Says it all in the title really. How well do these two mods work together/integrate? I've not been able to find a definite answer one way or the other but searching (forums and Google) seems to suggest that there was, at one point at least, some form of integration between them.