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  1. CK's Kerbalized Battlestar Galactica Replica Collection

    You mean the one with lots of hemisphere shaped greenhouse things on it? I could have a go at it if I had a mod that added that kind of greenhouse modules, but I don't know if there is one. On another note, I just finished a replica of the Olympic Carrier cruise ship, and I kinda want to build more stuff in the future (Colonial Viper and Colonial One, at least), so this thread is now a collection of BSG ships and I've updated the OP The new ship is in the OP, check it out!
  2. Why: I recently started watching Battlestar Galactica and I thought the ships looked cool, so I decided to start building KSP replicas of them. So far there's only two, but I want to build more. What: A collection of kerbalized replicas of various ships from Battlestar Galactica! "Changelog": September 12th, 2017: Added Kolonial Mover (Colonial Movers transport ship replica) September 14th, 2017: Added Olympic Karrier (Olympic Carrier replica) With that out of the way, let's move on to the ships - that's why you're here, right? (click on the name of the ship to get to the KerbalX page which includes the mod list - if you do download these and you get missing mod errors, let me know) Kolonial Mover Olympic Karrier
  3. How do you dock?

    RCS, always. Most of the ships I build are far too big to dock without RCS anyway.
  4. Take-Two Kills "Essential" Grand Theft Auto V Mod

    In other words, what they're saying is basically "singleplayer modding is okay, unless we suddenly decide it isn't for whatever reason". If T2 want to be phallic objects about it, they can still take down any mod or tool they want, for any reason, even if that support article doesn't classify said mod or tool as being against the "rules". This "announcement" changes nothing.
  5. Show-Off Your Futuristic Spacecraft!

    Something slightly less futuristic: "Swan" transport ship (named after the long nose section located above the ship's length axis), powered by a KSPI fusion reactor and three Karborundum Fusion Drives. Has a TWR of about 0.4 and a dV of 42 km/s with a 135 ton payload. That'll take it from LKO to Jool and back 4 or 5 times. The nose of the ship still needs some work as I'm not quite sure if I like the cockpit, although it does offer great visibility in almost all directions.
  6. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    A scifi style ultra heavy container ship I'm working on. At least 9500 tons (no, that's not a typo!) from LKO to Jool. I don't think it's big enough though. I might scrap this one and have a go at building something even bigger.
  7. Put a Face to the name

    My freshman year at university ended at midnight and I'm now "officially" an engineering student and got to put this fancy cap on for the first time! Feels good man.
  8. So apparently this is a thing! What do you think? Considering many people have already pointed out the "Kerbal-ness" of the system, I agree that it'd be great if at least one of the planets, or even just a moon if one of them has any, was named after a planet or moon in KSP. Go sign the petition if you like the idea! P.S. Not my petition
  9. I've lost the craft files already so I can't check, but it was certainly less than 0.1, possibly less than 0.05. I recall Kerbin to Jool transfer burns taking about half an hour in real time, and that's ignoring the burns required to raise the apoapsis out of Kerbin's SOI (5 to 10 burns, 8 minutes each in real time).
  10. Why don't you use [certain] mods?

    I don't use MechJeb because I have no use for automatic launch/landing/transfer/rendezvous systems. All I need is KER for info displays and Throttle Controlled Avionics for thrust balancing and stability control (KSP's stock SAS is crap).
  11. Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

    Build a (space) wall and make the Dunians pay for it!
  12. R.I.P. Gabe

    "To boldly bork where no pupper has borked before" RIP Gabe.
  13. 1.3 Speculation?

    I agree with KER but life support? Only if it can be switched off. Also, the game needs more command modules..
  14. Kerbodyne 2.5m to 3.75m adapters work great as engine shrouds (those are NearFuture Pulsed Inductive Thrusters, tweakscaled to a suitable size and then clipped inside the adapters so only the tip of the nozzle is outside the adapter): You can also do it with an upside-down Procedural Fairings Interstage Fairing Adapter and Fuselage Fairings, although it won't look quite as clean: