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  1. I just want a stock fuel switch feature. The big cylindrical tanks are useless for nuclear spacecraft because you can only use half of their volume, and the alternative is spamming those little 1.25m tanks everywhere or using the Mk2 or Mk3 tanks that look completely out of place on a spacecraft because they're designed for airplanes.
  2. Could you please change my name to Pixel of Life?
  3. And a few younger guys like Zed here. And there's also me.
  4. Do the mod's part modules (as in the stuff you put in a part's config file) have any documentation? I'd like to make a bunch of non-KSPI nuclear engines use KSPI's nuclear reactors. As far as I can tell, I'll need a reactor module (InterstellarFissionNTR or InterstellarFissionPB), a nozzle module (ThermalNozzleController) and, optionally, a generator module (ThermalElectricEffectGenerator) and a radiator module (FlatFNRadiator), but I have no idea what many of the variables do and how they affect the performance of the engine.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know if there's a mod that makes these engines use KSP Interstellar's nuclear engine module instead? I prefer the KSPI module because it lets me switch propellants to tweak the ISP and thrust to my liking.
  6. I think you might be right... I tried it again and it worked this time. I combined a station and a ship in the VAB, gave them unique names in the right click menu, set the priorities and now both vessels keep their names when I undock them.
  7. I don't feel like crying often, but this is certainly one of those rare occasions. I don't even know what to say. Rest in peace, Stephen. What an absolute legend.
  8. The new ship name priority system still needs some (read: a lot of) work. It only works on vessels that were spawned separately and docked afterwards. If you combine them in the VAB/SPH, there's no way to have each component get its own unique name - when you separate the components, the game will just do that thing where it names each component by appending "Ship" or "Station" or "Probe" or whatever to the end of the name of the craft. This is a huge problem for stuff like missions where you want to spawn the player at a station that has a ship docked to it and want the station and the ship to have unique names.
  9. That thread doesn't mention people who bought the game on Steam. Only people who bought it on the KSP store and then transferred it to Steam. However, I did find this: http://steamcommunity.com/games/220200/announcements/detail/1678026870137797509 There's a link in there that's supposed to redeem the DLC but the URL is broken right now.
  10. How do I claim the free DLC if I'm eligible but bought the game on Steam? I've only seen people talking about how to get it if you bought the game from the KSP store. It's been 55 minutes and the DLC isn't showing up in my library yet. I restarted Steam, still nothing.
  11. Can confirm. i7 2600K @ 4.4 GHz, GTX 970, 16GB RAM at 1920x1080 and my performance is also tanking like crazy with Scatterer installed on my modded KSP install. I get a solid 60fps without it and 30-40fps with it even though my CPU, GPU, RAM and VRAM are nowhere near maxed out*. Disabling ocean refractions as per @Galileo's instructions only gave me a few extra frames at most (I can't really even tell if it did anything because the framerate is all over the place). *CPU ~45%, GPU ~40%, VRAM ~40%, RAM ~75%
  12. An 18-kerbal orbital shuttle, for when you've got places to be and want to get there in style. Still lacks RCS because I haven't been able to come up with a good layout for the thrusters. I also don't really like the big rectangular slot in the middle, I'll have to do something about that. I think I'll try making the tail(s) shorter so they form a flat-bottomed V shape with the thing in front of the gap. (Yes, it has a rear wing. No, it doesn't do anything. But everyone knows rear wing = instant +50 horsepower!)
  13. @FreeThinker Bug: When installing KSPI through CKAN, it installs the wrong version of ModuleManager (3.0.1) which isn't compatible with certain MM 2.8.1 patches, resulting in errors with some of KSPI's mod compatibility patches (in my case, the Mk2 Expansion patches - some other configs may be broken as well): [ERR 01:41:27.618] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_Precooler]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.619] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_AugmentedRocket]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.620] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_ESTOC]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.621] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_Jumpjet]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.622] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_MATTOCK]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.622] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_Ramjet]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.623] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_AtomicJet]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.624] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_SCRamjet]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.625] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_Turbojet]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.626] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_Turboprop]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] [ERR 01:41:27.626] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WarpPlugin/Patches/Mk2Expansion/@PART[M2X_HeavyVTOL]:AFTER[Mk2Expansion]:FOR[WarpPlugin] Downgrading ModuleManager back to 2.8.1 appears to fix the problem. It seems that in order to use MM 3.0.1, the configs will have to be updated, but as a temporary solution, could you please change the ModuleManager dependency version to 2.8.1 on CKAN so we don't have to downgrade manually?
  14. How do I do this? I'm trying to make the ship fly at a constant velocity in the direction it's pointed, as long as a button in a part's right click menu is enabled. Basically a warp drive/inertial damper of sorts. I've tried using the following: bool active = false; //Gui stuff for controlling the "active" variable goes here public void OnUpdate() { if(active == true) { vessel.SetWorldVelocity(new Vector3d(1.0d, 1.0d, 1.0d)); //Placeholder values for the speed } } However, instead of setting the ship's velocity like the API documentation says it will, SetWorldVelocity() adds to the ship's velocity and it just keeps accelerating forever. I don't think it's supposed to do that considering there's also a ChangeWorldVelocity() function. The ship will slowly accelerate even when I set the velocity argument to Vector3d.zero. How do I make the world velocity vector remain constant, while still being able to control pitch, roll and yaw to steer the ship? Edit: I also tried putting the SetWorldVelocity() call in the GUI part so it's triggered whenever I hit the button in the part's right click menu, and repeatedly hitting the button adds to the velocity instead of setting it to a certain value like it should.