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  1. I've been looking forward to this for years...I can't believe it's almost here
  2. I've known about this band for a while; but yesterday they just released a music video that could quite possibly be their big break. Fictionist is a band that's pretty hard to define; they're very Rock-sounding; full of guitar solos, synthesizers, and feel kind of like Pink Floyd or, as their favorite review says "like Peter Gabriel in a garage". Their music is fantastic, but one of the main reasons that I want them to succeed so much is that they've sacrificed wealth and fame to stay true to their fans and to their own creativity. A few years ago they signed with Atlantic records and were even in Rolling Stone Magazine, but after creating an entire album with them, decided to quit, and never released the album. Why? because Atlantic wanted to change their style so they could sell some catchy singles for a $1.32. (Sorry...i'm a little biased.) Last October they released a new album, produced by a friend and written and released independently. I was lucky enough to attend one of their concerts, in a tiny venue in San Francisco in January. In total, probably only 200 people were in the room; and most weren't even there to see Fictionist, they were only opening. You could tell they were discouraged; one of their band members had left a few days before and it seemed like they were going to fade away. Slowly though, they've started gaining some attention through friends in Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. Currently they are opening for Neon Trees and yesterday they released a music video for their most popular song in the new album; showing what it was like working with Atlantic and in the major music industry. You should check it out. I really want to see these guys succeed. Tell me what you guys think! Ps: If you liked this song, you should check out some of the other songs on their channel
  3. "for some reason, when I eat this food I get less hungry" followed by a few seconds of silence and then hysterical laughter
  4. Hello Fourmers! I was browsing the Itunes store a few days ago, looking for something to buy when I stumbled on an album titled "The Race for Space." Being an avid space nerd, (so just like everyone on the forums) I decided to check it out and after listening to a few of their songs, I knew I had to share it with you guys! Basically, These guys take iconic audio recordings of events from the space race and set them to music. Its surprisingly entertaining and very powerful, especially for someone that regularly reads books on the subject. They go from the famous Kennedy "We choose to go the moon" speech, to news coverage of Sputnik, to a BBC interview with Yuri Gagarin, to the solemn report of the Apollo 1 Tragedy, all the way up to the apollo 11 landing and beyond. Link to a music video is below (I don't know how to embed these): You guys should seriously check it out!
  5. On a Stormy Sea: The Genisis of the Kerbal Spirit Prologue "The King is ready to see you" the man said with his head just barely peeking through the glossy wooden door. I sat by myself in a small room on a large chair. The walls, floor, and ceiling were made of fine marble bricks. On my left was a small window; it cast a golden beam of light onto the door and scattered into so many fragments that I had to constantly squint to not be blinded. A chandelier decorated with gold leaf was mounted onto the ceiling, but as the sun wouldn't set for a few hours, the candles were unlit. I stood up and pushed the heavy door open further and walked through into a wide corridor. Directly in front of me was a set of doors, twice as tall as me and half as wide. Without saying a word, the finely dressed man pulled open the left half of the door. He gestured for me to enter. I quickly walked across the hallway and into the expansive court. I audibly gasped at its size, and with my always analytical mind I began to estimate the dimensions. The ceiling must be at least 50 feet high, those arches aren't just decorative, he needs them to hold it up. I quickly decided that the walls must be 50 feet apart and 100 feet long. I did all this before I even started to look at the man sitting in the throne. I looked down, and saw him sitting there, as interested in me as I was at the architecture. I reflectively fell on my knees, "your majesty" I said, trying hard to hide the nervous tremor in my voice "I am Martin Thomas, chief chartographer. You summoned me here to discus my proposal." The king faintly smiled and said "rise." I got to my feet and stood straight in front of him. He began to speak "I've been looking over your past positions in the government, you've got quite an impressive resume. You compiled all the most current maps of the known world and created the most detailed and accurate city map the world has ever seen." "I suppose so, your majesty, I wasn't the only one working on the project-" he raised his hand and cut me off "still, you led the whole project. Very impressive, especially from the youngest chief cartographer ever, only 28 years old." "Thank you, your majesty." "But what you've proposed is incredibly ambitious, almost to the point of absurdity. I had to read it three times to make sure that I really understood it. Could you please explain it to me again, be as bold as you like, I could tell that you were restraining yourself in the letter." "Certainly, your majesty." I said. I cleared my throat quietly and began to speak "Ever since the first civilizations began, the great sea and the lands that border it have been the extent of kerbal explorations, they are the only places we've settled, they are the only places we have maps of, they are the only places we know anything of at all. For most of history our technology prevented us from traveling far from our homes, eventually we created ways to travel long distances but inability to travel and was replaced by superstition and blind fear of the unknown, those superstitions have faded as well but it seems like nearly all Kerbals feel nothing but apathy towards exploration, our natural curiosity has been suppressed for so long. But I think we should explore; who knows what is out there, precious metals and gems, miracle cures, fertile lands to colonize, there could be anything out there and what there is could be very profitable to the kingdom, if not all of Kerbalkind. What I am asking for is a ship, a crew to run it, supplies for several months of travel, and permission to take a few of my colleagues with me. We have the largest navy in the world and most of it is just sitting in our harbors, waiting for the next war, so I think this is a reasonable request, especially with all you stand to gain." I finished and the room was silent. The king seemed deep in thought, I could see it in his eyes. Finally he spoke "I'll grant your request, on one condition, you keep a logbook and record everything you see on it, weather it is on board or anywhere else; when the voyage is over I'll read it myself." My heart kept with joy and I could barely contain my self as I said "yes, your majesty, thank you, your majesty." The kings sly grin came back "I think our time is up now, I have other business to attend to; expect a letter within a few months with the details on your ship." "Thank you your majesty." I said and slowly backed out of the doors and into the hall. The possibilities were endless and as I walked down the palace halls I could already see the hazy image of a new land in my minds eye. To be continued.... PS: if anyone who reads this is good at graphic design and has extra time on their hands, I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me with creating an old-timy looking map of my world.
  6. First time NaNoer here! it's been hard staying on target and also dealing with other stuff in my life but i've had more fun writing for NaNoWriMo then any other time, maybe its because i'm writing more then a sentence a day that I used to write at.
  7. I had braces, and I can tell you that they were very worth it for me. My overbite is gone and my teeth are totally straight. Sure, it costs a bit and it hurts a lot at first but it definitely is not a scam, especially for people that have especially crooked teeth, bad overbite or other conditions that if left untreated could cause Heath problems down the road.
  8. I do have a corporation, C7 Areospace, I am currently the only member, but any KSP players can join if they want!
  9. It made me realize just how big the VAB really is. The shuttle only takes up a tiny bit of it.
  10. The title says it, Have any of you ever had or know someone that has had a Transplant? I myself have had a liver transplant, I was born with a condition known as Biliary atresia; which is when the ducts that carry bile from the liver to the Gallbladder are blocked; I was diagnosed a few months after I was born. The first surgery that I had was the Kasai Procedure, basically attaching the small intestine to the liver directly. It worked for a few weeks, but then It failed and I was put on the Transplant waiting list. because I was so young, and my condition so severe, I was put on the top of the list and a few weeks later, had a liver transplant. Since then, I live a pretty normal life, I take a little anti-Rejection pill every morning and night, get blood tests every few months and a check up by a team of specialists every year. I consider myself very lucky and I am always grateful for the miracle of modern medicine. So that's my story, you should share yours, I would like to hear it, and I'm sure that plenty of other people on this forum would too.
  11. Congratulations! I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo this November. Do you have any advice for a slow writer like me?
  12. This: I've gotten a lot better at writing since then, at least, I hope I have.
  13. I'd be happy to help you get started, and let you into my corperation: C7 Areospace My ingame name is Buzz Ohmiras. Contact me whenever you want, and I'll show you the ropes.