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  1. Sure ill try it this weekend Edit (6/8/19 6:43 PM EST): As far as i can tell, this is fully functional with latest update, should be able to change title block to indicate such. Vapor showed up automatically upon deploying vehicle, stopped upon moving/launching, and you could toggle as desired.
  2. Hey Linux, sorry to bother you, just curious if this is functional in current version? I did a fresh install with the expansion and was just curious if you had tried this yet. Thanks for all your hard work either way.
  3. Ah, then that my mistake. Everything working great then. I honestly dont use those ones too much, but i try to check stuff after an update. Thank you for all your hard work. All of Future Tech appears to be functional with expansion so far as well.
  4. I do think it may be something to do with B9PS, for a different reason. I did a clean install of everything with the expansion being out. Then reinstalled just this mod. I got past the load screen, but container storage are locked out. Other parts can swap attached, part types, etc, but im finding the contains locked on Cargo: Ore. Its probably some minor thing. https://imgur.com/jVooqci https://imgur.com/AReBUA7 https://imgur.com/FM6ydK2
  5. Will there be unique surface features for each planet? Or repeats across the system?
  6. Hence the reason you dont really see an exhaust plume in rocket engines in space in real life, fumes hit edge of bell and immediately spread out in all directions.
  7. That would be awesome. I could totally make chimneys for eeloo and polar bases!
  8. Yup, was just wondering if you can turn it on and off, even after launch. Just as you can toggle lights on and off, or u can toggle antennae open or closed. Was just wondering if you can make it so this vapor vent part does the same thing. Have not tried mod yet, so Im sorry if this is already a thing and wasting your time.
  9. Doesnt matter if you kidding or if you mean a year from now **Soon TM **. Time for my happy dance! Note:Ludacris' Get Back (care language)
  10. So.....random question? Can we make these work AFTER launch as a toggleable part? would like to make my habs release smoke on Eeloo. My kerbals like to leave their heaters on all day for some unknown reason. Apparently they cant handle -300 degrees F. What gives right? In all seriousness, thank you for your hard work regardless. Your work is very professional and well done.
  11. Hey just curious, has anyone else had issues with the asphalt tiles sliding across the surface if u bump into them when u use KIS to attach them to the ground?
  12. I'm not a moderator, but I believe this is against the rules. Please allow several weeks for mods to be udpated to the most current version of KSP.
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