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  1. Surprise! Im not dead! I will try to update this mod over christmas break! Sooooooo.... Not a promise, but I will try!
  2. Actually if lazor system is updated than mine should work
  3. Well I have little to no coding knowledge so don't count on it /.\ If I did I would probably get some coding master to fix it and then make some new models (nose gun, wing gun, etc)
  4. You could turn down it's speed and how much damage it can take in the cfg
  5. Huh, I don't know how that could happen... I will talk to romfarer about it.
  6. Check your staging, you might be firing 1 round into another one
  7. You need to get Lazor Mod and extend the range.
  8. I made a post about that didn't I? I plan on making an assortment of guns, when I can...
  9. Maybe, and Yes. I am going to make some smaller versions of bombs and attempt to make a pod missile holder, but the colliders >_>
  10. The canister missle things.... I dunno I tried it at one point and caved in due to stress, I could try again though. I want to make battleship style guns once Damned Robotics 2 comes out, whenever that is
  11. The effect is the same for all of them but the size for the nuke is much bigger, I haven't gotten around to messing with the particles and honestly I have no idea how I would
  12. Wow lots a great responses! I am adding dummy bombs, as for proximity detection, if you have the lazor mod you can already do that The guns.... hmmm... I could take DYJ's GAU-19 plugin and mess with that... Ill get back to you on that
  13. Oh jeez, this again. This happened a while ago and I don't really remember how I fixed it. Give me a minute and I will mess with it. EDIT: Figured it out! Turns out KSPSP hates .rar files, so I had to upload it with a .zip, anyway its fixed now! Have fun with the 'splosions.
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