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  1. @linuxgurugamer This has my full support as the official successor of my mod. I will archive my repository. Message me if you want to take ownership of it instead.
  2. I definitely did enable it in the difficulty settings of the mod.
  3. I tested if Kerbals can actually die from lack of snacks (I enabled the setting manually) but it did not happen, even after half a year. Can Kerbals even die during timewarp?
  4. Can you tell me which files specfically you're talking about?
  5. I am having really bad framerate issues with the latest version - 15 FPS on Kerbin's surface, with a 1080TI. What can I do to fix this?
  6. I am experiencing stutters (~1 per second) in the VAB/SPH (maybe in flight too, I didn't check) with a clean install of KSP and Kerbalism installed via CKAN. Is this a known issue?
  7. Yes, open the settings menu in the PersistentRotation window.
  8. If you want we can package it and upload it to the official sites.
  9. Hi @ThePhoenixSol, a GitHub contributor is already working on the cost feature, I can't tell when he is finished. Take a look at the repository, you will be able to track the progress. As for your idea with open tanks only, I like it. I will add it as Enhancement in the issue tracker.
  10. I recompiled the mod for 1.4 and integrated a pull request containing code cleanup by GitHub user dkvolis. Happy rotating!
  11. As far as I remember relative rotation will work if the vessel is controllable (has a probe core or crew, electricity) and if it isn't or almost isn't spinning. It does not check for fuel or reaction wheels.
  12. I discontinued working on this mod quite some time ago. A heavily modded game tends to break, especially if you have other mods that influence physics installed. Patching this edge case it is more or less impossible with the limited amount of time I am willing to put into it. Hope you can do without PR, too.
  13. I haven't looked at my stuff for what seems like ages, but the files generated all have a timestamp. You need to use the file with the latest timestamp to have PR use the data. Also, Momentum Mode needs to be active for the vessels, otherwise it will not work. This is also a setting found in the .cfg files. Are you sure you copied the data to the correct vessel id? I don't see a simple way to find out which vessel belongs to which id...
  14. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! SInce 1.2.2 I am not able to get a Spaceplane back to Kerbin without it melting. I am entering the atmosphere with a very shallow angle while keeping the nose 30° above AoA. Here's a picture: Note: The slight thrust is just due to the screenshot key combination. Any guidance?
  15. Yeah, pretty sure it's scatterer. Sure, it doesn't. It's scatterer for sure. Exactly what I thought. Like in a movie, where the main character realizes he is just in a simulation xD
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