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  1. hi hey how's it going I was bored so here's some fanart i made
  2. Playing around with the "Procreate" app on the IPad, Wanted to share
  3. After seeing my artwork being posted on the KSP official Facebook page, i was inspired to draw another pic of KSP/Gravity scene for everyone to enjoy, Thanks for making such an awesome game Squad
  4. So i got the "Procreate" app on my ipad, and the very first thing that came to mind was a scene from "Gravity" in Kerbal Space Program, Here it is, enjoy!
  5. Made this sometime ago, had to post
  6. For some reason the bottom of the solar rover keeps sinking through the ground and wont drive i have 0.16, all the required plugins (including the cart.dll) Can anyone help me?