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  1. Well personally i rather use your mod then playing vanillia with the new kerbal. So i want to thank you for your continues work =)
  2. Dude/dudette, big thank you for documenting this =) WIll make mod parts for kis so much easier =)
  3. Its not like we are "demanding" it lol. But if its done albert, me and others can use the functions of modules in eva. and making own mod parts easier =) cheers
  4. Hm, if you made an test arm, and using the same drill module, its certainly possible. Would have that increased range and so on. But, opening the arm with anims is harder. Beacuse as i wrote before, when you attaching the things in the part dissapears. FUctions in modules and so on. Def worth a try thou =)
  5. I have made some test mod parts, like a handheld camcorder, an backpack with an transmitter, a very sketchy jetpack to, that has resoruces, and the engine module active when attahing it to a ship, but when attaching and equiping it on a kerbal those functions dissapers. Binarybad Yes we need that! With a big "keep calm" on haha. of note: if you havnt seen the hgttg tv series from 80-s check it out!
  6. Yes like you said, its all good =) Yes i cant see myeslft these day playing ksp without kas/kis. Kospy, can you look over the "use from eva" function till the next version? Would be great to have it more usuable(in lack of a better term) when we make own mod parts that uses kis =) Like, when you have a science module, engine module on a part, and you attach it, you lose control and function of that said part. Another thing, have you seen the armoury plugin? It caught my eye with their aiming system, is this a thing that could be done with a kis item futher along? cheers
  7. There was a mod doding this way back, it had the kerbal getting cramped when not doing evas. Glad to see its alive again but in another form =)
  8. MeCripp Roverdude was the first one to do this, and what its is he make a lot of good nodes that snaps on and of using the kis/kas bay functions. Its okey you got confused with what i was meaning =) Yes its still in an early stage which people seem to forget(not all people
  9. Well its not that easy, haveing a part that has modules that activate with the right click menu, these function dissapears in the current version as you attach them, or its me having bad luck getting it to work haha =)
  10. Could you kospy look inot adding back the control function from kerbqest? So if you have a engine module on a kis mod part, you can use that in eva and no-eva? Cheers for the hardwork, the update fixed the debug menu so extra thanks for that!
  11. Til then activestruts got a good teather mechanic
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