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  1. I think i got an older version of mm, would that explain why when doing science after clicking in the right click menu the button dissapear and no popup with science comes? Or is it beacuse i have many different sciencedef? Cheers for your time
  2. Wow! Love that you brought back modular part option to ksp!
  3. pingopete ios that a new devtest version or your own modifed one? Im running with the older more stable one. Nice screens!
  4. Loving this, revisit mun for the first time in a wile and i brought plenty of spareparts for rovering I was thinking, are you planning on adding more modules to it? Like foldable chair that takes less room, miniwings, tetractable ladder, winch prop for easy rope acces to kas. Oxygancan(hexagon or vanillia) Just some thoughts, you did an great work with this!
  5. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/91542-WIP-Hover-platform have you seen this thread lo-fi? He shared a screen over teh water, i asked him if he used your mechanic as a base.. cheers
  6. I havnt checked your source so dont know if you are using lo-fis hover mechanic as a base ^^ But you managaed to get it over the water ?
  7. Great to se this mod being relived again! I can highly recomend it if you love building space stations - - - Updated - - - Its working real good, no lag infact in vab and eva works fine to
  8. When i read the threaad titles i immedidlty thought it was an addon that let you have "wars" mong different agencies or space programs hehe. I havnt tested infintiys orginal but it seems cool, kudos op
  9. Wow.. SImply wow. These new shaders made the clouds looks more real and fluffy. My hat of to you!
  10. Does anyone else get ctd when selecting the stock decoupler in vab?
  11. Your rover makes me motiavted to go back to the moon , cheers! And the kas+modular are all icing on the dam tasty cake
  12. Yes, im sure they are hard at working on getting us a playable update I disslike the stock tree so much.
  13. That would make the career even more deep. But how would you make the static part(building) buildable and so on?
  14. More modular stuff, esp awesome beacuse we need more rover parts! Great work indeeed
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