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  1. Is there a mod that allows spacecraft to hold present attitude whilst time accelerating instead of rotating naturally as it would uncontrolled through orbit?
  2. A perfect mission to moon is foiled by those pesky engine shrouds! There's gotta be a way to disable them completely!
  3. I really like the gas jet effects you use for the RCS blocks. Is it possible to add this effect to the other RCS thrusters in-game. I really like it.
  4. Additionally, do you think something like the ASM-135 ASAT Missile would be possible to make. I would be awesome to recreate the part from Red Storm Rising where a Soviet RORSAT is shot down with an ASM-135 by an F-15 in a high altitude vertical climb. Here are some pictures of it:
  5. I'm sure it's already been asked but are you adding a 20mm CIWS (Phalanx)? Also, can you use the Goalkeeper CIWS to shoot down missiles like it was meant to do?
  6. We currently have icons for Capsules, Landers, Space Stations, Bases, Rovers, Probes, and Debris but not Spaceplanes or Planes in general. A new icon would be a simple thing to implement in my opinion and the community as a whole would appreciate it and take it as a sign that Squad is still willing to listen to play input.
  7. Okay, cool. Give it a try and if it's a pain to code and make work, then don't sweat it. I can always add SRB's to decrease take-off time.
  8. Hey again Ferram. I have a question for you. Does FAR model the Coandă effect? If you don't know what it is, it's the tendency of a fluid jet to be attracted to a nearby surface. In simple terms, the exhaust gas from a jet engine is blown over the wings upper surfaces to boost lift. Does FAR model this because I am not sure and it would be cool to make some STOL aircraft like the An-72 Coaler and C-17 Globemaster.
  9. I hate to complain because this mod is by far the most useful mod I have ever used in my two years of playing KSP. I understand that you did away with the "Control Surfaces" menu in favor of tweakables. This is fine and dandy but I can't get a precise deflection number for my flaps, elevators, and rudders using the tweakables because it doesn't use whole numbers. Now I end up with flaps that deflect at 44.95 degrees instead of 45 degrees. Is there a way to make the tweakable bar only change by whole numbers or would it be possible to see this in the new update?
  10. Hey BobCat, one question I have. I am putting custom logos on the SoyuzST Payload fairings (the newest ones) and I am wondering what the background color of the fairings are because when I apply a new .PNG logo, i get a white box and I am looking to rectify that.
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